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BFD rock fest

Shirley Manson & K. Flay (keep your eye on her)… two of Peter’s bad ass photos of from Live 105’s BFD rock festival this past weekend. You can see more of his fantastic (!) photos of Garbage, Silversun Pickups, Jane’s Addiction, Cake, Falling in Reverse, GROUPLOVE, Neon Trees, K.Flay, St. John and Eligh & Amp Live on Peter’s Silicon Valley photo blog, In Startup Land, or over at the Metro where they posted over a hundred of his photos from the fest!

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Gorgeous, passionate cover of one of the best songs evah. (Though, it took me a sec to get past the back-up harmony.)

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Addicted to this song, and weirdly enough, this video. Probably because Claire Boucher aka Grimes is so adorable. Just had a recent love affair with her Cocteau Twins inspired album Halfaxa from 2010–quirky and delicious!

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Pinterest has pretty much replaced Cherry in terms of where I’m collecting lots and lots of images. Here are my pins. Here are my boards. Come play.


bad girls

Killer ear worm. (Hasidic hat with the gold chain ‘peyos’ is a nice touch.)

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mix(ed bag)

Just some songs I been listenin’ to in no order of preference…..Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lana Del Ray, David Lynch w/ Karen O, UNKLE w/ Katrina Ford, Secret Sisters w/ Jack White on geetar…

Paradisco by planned_obsolescence

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans by pillowjungle

David Lynch – Pinky’s Dream (feat. Karen O) by Pretty Much Amazing

UNKLE – Caged Bird (feat Katrina Ford) by davish34

Secret Sisters feat Jack White: Big River (Johnny Cash cover) by TheMusicFile

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love is blindness

Jack White – Love Is Blindness (U2 cover) by qwertyqwerty099

This song is burnin’ up my stereo right now. Well… it’s smoking up my computer as it’s not available on iTunes and I can’t find a copy of Q Magazine anywhere. For Achtung Baby’s 20th anniversary (yes, twentieth- eeek!), Q hustled a cover version of the album with a mighty impressive lineup paying homage to U2. But, by far, the best track is Jack White’s cover of Love is Blindness. He kills it with that screeching guitar and the raunchy analog fuzz and his half-mad screams. Oh, Jack!

(Thank you to LT for the discovery!)

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raconte-moi une histoire

Listening to M83’s new one, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming and every time I hear this song (spoken by a child) I start to tear up– in that happy-sad-wistful-hopeful way.

i heard about this frog
it’s a very tiny frog
but it’s also very special
you can only find it in the jungle
so far away from me
but if you find it and if you touch it
your world can change forever

if you touch its skin
you can feel your body changing
and your vision also
and blue becomes red and red becomes blue
and your mommy suddenly becomes your daddy
and everything looks like a giant cupcake

and you keep laughing and laughing and laughing
nothing is ever quite the same really
and after you finish laughing
it’s time to turn into a frog yourself
it’s very funny to be a frog
you can dive into the water
and cross the rivers and the oceans
and you can jump all the time and everywhere
do you want to play with me?

we can be a whole group of friends
a whole group of frogs
jumping into the streets
jumping into the planet
climbing up the buildings
swimming in the lakes and in the bathtubs
we would be hundreds, thousands, millions
the biggest group of friends the world has ever seen
jumping and laughing forever
it would be great, right?

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never tear us apart

Annie covers INXS. If you’re hankering for more St. Vincent covers, here is a treasure trove.

st.vincent never tear us apart by onetwothreegee

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little fluffy clouds (instrumental)

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