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Tori slays this cover of ‘Creep’. Reminds me of how Jeff Buckley could make me hear an old song with new ears.

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inner demons

Loving this dark and luscious music video for “White Noise” by Exitmusic. The imagery is such a perfect depiction of what its like to wrestle with our inner demons. Parts of self that entrap, suffocate, drown other parts of self. Great song too. Aleksa’s customary warbling reminds me a little of Cher in this song :)

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the depressing elation of bittersweet rock anthems about youth

Here’s a cool cover of Bruce’s Glory Days by Basia Bulat. It’s the pianoette that really makes it work!

This got me pondering the weird power the original Glory Days and songs of that ilk—-those raucous, feet-stomping, hand-clapping anthems that get people singing, smiling, laughing and YET the song permeates you with a bittersweet melancholia. It’s a tricky recipe. Was trying to think of other songs like that. Mellancamp’s Jack & Diane comes to mind. More Than A Feeling by Boston?

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grimes love

Not crazy about the video (though it is appropriately Halloween-y), but the synths make me high.

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The Kills (my current fave rock band) cover Dreams on the new Fleetwood Mac cover album–which is actually quite good.

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riot grrls!

The Pussy Riot trial began in Moscow yesterday and is said to be the trial that will “set the tone” for Putin’s repeat “Presidency” (aka Dictatorship.) If you don’t know the story behind Pussy Riot, start here. It’s pretty fck’n awesome. Quick summary: ultra-intelligent feminist punk rock girl group takes on the new Russian dictatorship.

Until today, I didn’t realize that Amnesty International was now involved. Go here and add your name to the petition asking the Russian government to drop the “hooligan” charges that has these woman separated from their children for the past 5 months without visitation and could keep them in prison for the next SEVEN years.

Yeah…seven years in prison will show young Russian woman not to step up to the big, bad Putin-man. Must suck for him to be internationally humiliated by a bunch of riot grrls. Karma is a poetic bitch.

Photo: Rookie via Forbes

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BFD rock fest

Shirley Manson & K. Flay (keep your eye on her)… two of Peter’s bad ass photos of from Live 105’s BFD rock festival this past weekend. You can see more of his fantastic (!) photos of Garbage, Silversun Pickups, Jane’s Addiction, Cake, Falling in Reverse, GROUPLOVE, Neon Trees, K.Flay, St. John and Eligh & Amp Live on Peter’s Silicon Valley photo blog, In Startup Land, or over at the Metro where they posted over a hundred of his photos from the fest!

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Gorgeous, passionate cover of one of the best songs evah. (Though, it took me a sec to get past the back-up harmony.)

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Addicted to this song, and weirdly enough, this video. Probably because Claire Boucher aka Grimes is so adorable. Just had a recent love affair with her Cocteau Twins inspired album Halfaxa from 2010–quirky and delicious!

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bad girls

Killer ear worm. (Hasidic hat with the gold chain ‘peyos’ is a nice touch.)

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