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for the love of street photography, introverts & secrets

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storm over nyc (yesterday)

Totally sci-fi. See larger version (by Ryan Brenizer) here.

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BFD rock fest

Shirley Manson & K. Flay (keep your eye on her)… two of Peter’s bad ass photos of from Live 105’s BFD rock festival this past weekend. You can see more of his fantastic (!) photos of Garbage, Silversun Pickups, Jane’s Addiction, Cake, Falling in Reverse, GROUPLOVE, Neon Trees, K.Flay, St. John and Eligh & Amp Live on Peter’s Silicon Valley photo blog, In Startup Land, or over at the Metro where they posted over a hundred of his photos from the fest!

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get your photos out to the world!

Do you know any photographers who need to (finally) put their portfolios online??? If so, send them some inspiration!

My husband, Peter, just released a new ebook via called: A Guide To WordPress For Photographers. This book is perfect for any photographers or artists in your life who have been wanting to set-up a classy, easily navigable site that displays their work and enables search engines to “find” their photos for optimal exposure. WordPress is FREE open source software, so it won’t cost them a dime unless they want to add some fancy plug-ins.

Peter’s guide is concise, easy to understand, and focuses on building an image centric website. Below is a brief synopsis:

This in-depth guide to using WordPress provides all the information needed to setup a professional website for your photography or take your existing site to the next level. A cohesive and well-designed website is the single most important way to showcase and promote your photography online, and thanks to WordPress, building one doesn’t have to break the bank. While there are numerous WordPress resources on the web, none are written by a photographer for photographers. This book was specifically designed to maximize website usability for potential customers and help you avoid time consuming mistakes. Step-by-step guides will teach you everything about setting up WordPress, choosing a theme/design for your website, and adding content. Also included are advanced techniques for working with image galleries, importing image meta-data, optimizing image search, and a whole lot more!

You can buy it HERE.

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lost & found

I am taken with Mary Jo Hoffman’s blog, STILL… “For one year, in 2012, this blog will post one image, daily, of gathered natural objects found near me. Near me usually means Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, my home. Sometimes it means the Gulf Coast of Florida, and sometimes Grand Marais, Minnesota, on the north shore of Lake Superior. Sometimes it also means the Languedoc region of Southwest France.”

She identifies everything she finds. Above we have wild turkey feathers, turtle shells, rabbit or beaver-gnawed branches and an owl feather. Thanks to Pia for the discovery.

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happy happy earth day

(Peter Adams: Taro field in Hanalei, Kauai)

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creepy cool promo for Alien prequel Prometheus

Um, where can I get a Fassbender robot?

Speaking of, Peter took some cool pics of robots the other day. We have a long way to go. I sort of hope we never get there.

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holi fest

Peter got some incredible pics and portraits from the Holi Festival at Stanford this weekend. A couple of them will be featured in one of our local newspapers. Check ’em out!

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Pinterest has pretty much replaced Cherry in terms of where I’m collecting lots and lots of images. Here are my pins. Here are my boards. Come play.


sunset magic

Two different sunsets that Peter captured at Russian Hill an open space preserve a few miles from us where we like to hike. It’s filled with hawks, ground squirrels, deerling and jack rabbits (about twice the size of our cats with ears a foot high.) BTW, if you want to keep up with Peter’s latest photos, sign up for his newsletter and they’ll be emailed directly to your inbox.

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