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organic inspiration

I devoured Abigail Doan’s blog this evening.
1. thracian headpieces
2. Ceca Georgieva’s green leaf jewelry
3. tatting
4. headpiece by mandy greer
5. fiber installation in Iran

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emerald ice

Emerald Ice
by Diane Wakoski

If I were a jeweler,
I’d look for emeralds the color of
healthy basil leaves, pungent and thick and green
as parrots;
and if I were a woman who had emeralds weighing down
her harpsichordian hands and nudging her neck
as they turn warm but do not melt,
I would hold my emerald-laden hand
against this new snow which covers the not yet frozen
November ground, the liquid hardness of the stones
contrasting with the chalky softenss of the snow.

For just a moment at least until,
if I were an astronomer, mirroring an arc of light which
might mean a new galaxy
has been discovered, I might name
this phemonemon, “Emerald Ice,’
to tell you how
beautiful these things are to me.

But none of it would
matter, if I didn’t dream of boys
with leather aviator jackets,
or men who rode motorcycles into the living room, once,
or the Silver Surfer who might travel with me,
nude of emeralds, a galactic wonderer.

What could matter
if there were any sex or love that could
transcend death,
speed faster than my imagination
or the light?

What could matter
if these boys,
if all men,
were not just memories like emeralds,
or pungent basil,
new snow,
throwing their scuffed leather jackets carelessly
over my empty bed,
while I am surfing,
light trailing my heels,
from galaxy to galaxy,
trying to escape death?

What could matter if life
was really about sex
instead of learning
to die?
Isn’t orgasm called
“the little death”? Or is that something else?
like eating the best
fresh-leaved pesto on homemade noodles,
drinking an icy, or is it
eau de vie? one drop of which glistens
over the basil,
and together they are the only

Do women dream
the Saturnian ice of emeralds and sapphires
because men never touch them? They sleep
alone in snowy sheets,
surfing galactic oceans.

We pretend,
but there is no mystery
in either sex or death. Just –
the unthinkable.

The one,
always elusive, never attainable, missing
as soon as you seem to have it.

The other
always waiting, unavoidable, something
no one escapes.


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chintz of darkness

New blog infatuation – the delicious and decadent Chintz of Darkness. If Edgar Allen Poe and Marie Antoinette collaborated on a blog, this would be it.


new antiquarians


Charmed and delighted by the antiquated world of sisters Porter and Hollister Hovey who were just written up in the NYTimes. I’ve been glued to their blog, a fabulous collection of their vintage artifacts and discoveries, ever since finding it on Native Kee a few months ago.

In the NYT piece, Valerie Steele (director of the Museum of FIT) perfectly describes this ‘new vintage’ trend: “It’s way more than anti-modernism, this sort of deep spelunking into the past… It’s not aspirational and it’s not nostalgic. It’s a fantasy world that is almost entirely a visual collage. It’s a stitched-together, bricolage world, an alternative world.” (Spelunking and bricolage – good words.)

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giants live


I’m completely enchanted by the “Appennine Colossus” created by Giambologna (1579) which rises from a lake on the grounds of the Villa Medicea di Pratolin. Different perspectives (in color) can be found here, here and here.

Colossus was found (here) on my latest blog discovery, the lovely La Divan Fumoir Bohemien, a delectable feast for the eyes. Her aesthetic is pretty special. I wish I spoke French, so much is lost in google translation >:(

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One last wintry relapse before spring unfolds. Constant State of Flux’s describes the hush of snowfall so perfectly in her recent mental meanderings about silence, I’m suddenly wistful for a walk through winter wonderful…

Snow is the best sound muffler of all. Walking out in fresh snow, in the silence of the world, is amazing – the shush of your breath, the thud of your heart in your ear, the scratch of clothes brushing together, the sharp grinding crunch of footsteps or whoosh of skis and the occasional plop of heavy snow falling off nearby branches. Even the birds seem to respect this silence. Somehow it makes it easier to use the other senses. Smell, taste and touch. Even sixth-sensing.

*Photograph by the Chris (archi3d), a master of shadow and light.

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my heart wanders

Pia Jane Bijkerk has a beautiful idea for a collaborative photo book and is asking for submissions. Go over to her blog and read about my heart wanders, a project where she will be compiling “a collection of subtle hearts in special spaces.” (Can you spot the heart above?) Details here and here. Anyone can submit a photo for consideration! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for subtle heart shapes as I move about in the world…

(Photo credit: Maria Stigjer)

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{artist} su blackwell

I’m a huge fan of Su Blackwell’s whimsical book sculptures and was thrilled to find that my love for you is a stampede of horses had recently interviewed Su and included some great pics of Su’s work.

If you’re intrigued by Su’s fantastical paper world, be sure to watch this stop motion animated commercial using Su’s sculptures.

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{blog} pia jane bijkerk


Stylist, writer and photographer, Pia Jane, has an enchanting new blog. Go on an a winter “mini trip”, via her beautiful photographs, as she travels from Amsterdam to Paris to the magical, frosted forests and villages of Le Val D’Amour (a valley where Switzerland meets France.)

Pia is making me want to be a better blogger. (I’m inspired to gussy up the place around here.) I have no doubt that Pia’s blog and her other endeavors will be a huge success. She’s definitely got “it.”

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children of the staircase


Thank you to Children Of The Staircase for making Cherry Coloured an honary child of the staircase!! (Children of the Staircase is a blog dedicated to continuing the spirit of Theresa Duncan and her blog, Wit of the Staircase.) COTS offers up unique commentary on an eclectic mix of art, luxury, pop culture, female pirates (!) and other fabulousness – all accompanied by beautiful imagery.

*photo by Tim Walker

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