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tragic intrigue

I first read about the dual suicide of artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake here on BLDG BLOG in July. Afterward, I voraciously consumed Theresa’s fascinating blog, The Wit of the Staircase. Now, it seems this story is getting major press. If you haven’t already been captivated by this mysterious story of conspiracy, the art world and a scary kind of love, read this feature in New York Magazine and this one in Newsweek.

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An overdue congratulations to my friend Becky for her new gig as the Wellness Editor over at GLAM (the largest women’s website in the US!) When it comes to health and healing, Becky is one of the most progressive and experimental people I’ve ever met. I HIGHLY recommend stopping by GlamSpirit where she shares knowledge and discoveries about wellness, wholeness and general goodness! (Today, I was inspired to try Thai Message, aka Lazy Yoga.)

*Be sure to check out her post, Sound and Healing, The Power of Kiai, detailing her Sound Healing training in Hawaii at Chozen-ji Zen dojo. Watch the video!

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Finding lots of inspiration on Wunderkammer. I want to duplicate this paper butterfly collection with some origami paper. (See her Etsy shop here.) I also love the little crocheted octopus (!), the embroidered illustrations for her “fictive science text books,” and the link she posted to this fantastical barnacle throw from The Fabric of Meditation.

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favorite band t-shirt

Me and my Springsteen t-shirt made it onto Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy! Scroll down about 9 photos to see us.

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Peter’s world



Peter finally launched his fine art photography gallery where prints can be purchased. About time! He only included a portion of his spectacular portfolio, meaning about ten of my favorite pics aren’t uploaded yet. I’m so spoiled having an in-house fine art photographer capture this kind of astounding beauty for my framing pleasure. I’ll post more of my favorites as soon as he uploads.

In other exciting Peter news, he also released the open source software that he’s been working on for the past year. It’s called Open Web Analytics (OWA) and it’s a plugin for WordPress blogs:

OWA implements all the base page view, click, visitor, referrer, and session tracking that forms the basis of most web analytics efforts. The framework also implements reporting, graphing (using JP Graph), geo-location (via the hostip community), heatmaps (thanks to the Click Heat project) and mapping (thanks to the Google Maps API and Earth KML specification).

Read more about it on Peter’s blog or the recent review on!

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Stars and clouds


Peter links to Bad Astronomy for the top 10 astronomy images of 2006, where I also found this page on natural cloud formations that look totally sci-fi.

*The photo above was taken in New Zealand by Tanis Danielson.

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