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what kind of bird are you?

He’s back! Wes Anderson… national treasure.

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My Sharona

Reality Bites


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the veils are thinning…

This doc is fantastic! Went to a screening of Wake Up with a group of friends at my local indie bookstore. Afterward, there was a Q&A with Jonas Elrod (the subject and director.) He was charming and hilarious and completely down to earth. The doc recently had its TV premiere on OWN and has screened at fests like SXSW. You can watch online or buy the DVD. *Recommended for skeptics and believers alike.

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another earth

Can’t wait to see THIS. (Low-budget Sci-Fi Sundance darling.)

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cutest ad campain ever?

More cities here. (Found on Black Eiffel.)

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the boy with the incredible brain

Holy smoke.

Pop some popcorn and watch this doc in lieu of some craptastic reality show. Two minutes and it will suck you in! Such powerful proof that we have extra-sensory, super computers between our ears that can access so much more than the tiny fraction of “reality” most of us are limited to perceiving. Here’s the direct link. (Hat tip: Spiritually Deep Dish)

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Brilliant trailer. So ominous!
(Radiohead + Shakespeare = yes.)

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and so it begins…

LOTR fans, this will give you chills……….three years is too long to wait!

P.S. The native blessing made me tear up.

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Really intrigued by this project. Indie filmmaker/photographer William Eubank built the replica of a space station in his parents front yard and filmed, Love, the story of a man alone, trapped in a space, and how he keeps himself emotionally alive. I was unfamiliar with the band Angels & Airwaves (with Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge) before this trailer. They produced and scored the film. Looks and sounds like a powerful film with a beautiful message of hope and resilience.

(‘Tis the season for more and more of these kinds of films, books, tv shows, etc. as humanity enters the do-or-die zone.)

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Lars Von Tier plays with the Planet X theory in his next flick!

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