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Another find from Kee. Thnx!

*The spine-tingling song is “Fire Shall Devour Them” / Three Corners of the Earth

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earth magic

God, I needed that!

(Via Daily Dish)

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the hobbit

First production stills :)

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tree love

Ode to a redwood grove. (Oh, my heart!)
Found on Black Eiffel.

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nature and grace

Finally the trailer for Terrance Malick’s new movie, The Tree of Life. I’ve been faithfully checking the status of this film since his last one, The New World (2007), blew me away — not only did it awaken a desire within me to connect to nature on a deeper level, but also motivated me to learn more about indigenous forms of spirituality (where connecting to the Divine through nature was a way of life.) Ever since, I’ve been anticipating Malick’s next film, hoping for more transformative revelations :) The trailer certainly gives me the chills. Even the first line – “there are two ways through life, the way of nature and the way of grace” – connects to an ongoing, recent conversation with friends about the ‘universal law of grace’ and how it operates. Grace is a subject close to my heart, as is the tree of life, so I’m beyond excited to see what personal revelations Malick has to offer us about these two sacred subjects…

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jane eyre

Love Mia Wasikowska. Great trailer. Crappy poster.

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the secret of kells

On a whim, we rented the most enchanting little film I’ve seen in a long while – The Secret of Kells – a beautiful story shrouded in Celtic symbolism & myth that revolves around the making of the most magnificent illuminated manuscript in history, The Book of Kells. The film was nominated for an Academy Award last year, and I’d come across rave reviews, but promptly forgot about it.

The animation was simple, but STUNNING with a distinct retro-flavor and you can definitely see/feel the influence of Miyazaki. The story and characters resonated like a gong in my mind long after the last frame (oh, my heart.) Such a beautiful message about the importance of art, the magic of nature and the power of myth. See it!

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the river

Mystical, mysterious river magic.

*Not a music video, just scenes filmed on a river from The Anthropologist, a site discovered by Pia.

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Haven’t seen this movie, but the English boarding school sets and costumes look like perfection.

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