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how wolves change rivers

Awed by the web of life! How reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone Park changed the entire ecosystem.

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ever-changing NYC

This article in NYT Magazine had us laughing and sighing with nostalgia: A Reason to Root for Dubai on the Hudson.

…into the 1990s, when I got out of college and moved back to New York. In those days, in my 20s, with nothing but time on my hands, my favorite activity was to tromp all over downtown for hours on end, a copy of The Village Voice folded under my arm, stopping at as many bookstores and record shops as possible. Occasionally, an art gallery. The magazine rack at Spring Street Books was a sacred shrine. In the days before the Internet, this is how you kept up with culture. You had to put the time in. You had to cover ground. To me, this was the most precious aspect of city living.

P.S. the article mentions the awesome blog, Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York. And for those who remember her, he recently wrote a post on Page the “Sign-the-Petition!” lady. I remember her well and totally took her for granted.

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The latest thrill over here is the discovery of Phadriod—a husband & wife collaboration between Android Jones (a laser projectionist) and Phaedra (an interpretive dancer). Phaedra dances in a flowing white robes while Android projects images onto her moving body. Most of the time she performs in front of a giant screen, but sometimes she performs outside against the backdrop of the night—infinitely more magical. Yes, at first it looks like a screen saver, but when you start to make out the dancing woman, it’s purty cool. (Best parts are the bursting fire lights and the sparkling white stars!)


If you liked that, go 6 minutes into this mini doc about Burning Man to see some absolutely mind-bending Phadroid stuff. BTW, this whole doc is totally worth watching. (Lots of our friends are going Burning Man this year… sometimes I giggle when I think about the expanding gap between my East and West coast friends, but I so love wearing both pairs of boots!)

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tippi & her friends

Yes, things like this are happening in the world (!)

Tippi’s story will give you heart explosions. (Thank you to Kate for sending!) Original link with lots of photos here. And be sure to watch the doc trailer…

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the lion ranger


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earth bag homes in haiti

Just read about Konbit Shelter’s successful kickstarter campaign to go back to rural Haiti and teach people how to build solid, sustainable earth bag structures. Not only fascinating and brilliant, but also some of the loveliest hand-made houses I’ve ever seen.

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junk dna apparently not “junk”

Breakthrough study overturns theory of ‘junk DNA’ in genome

“Long stretches of DNA previously dismissed as “junk” are in fact crucial to the way our genome works, an international team of researchers said on Wednesday. It is the most significant shift in scientists’ understanding of the way our DNA operates since the sequencing of the human genome in 2000, when it was discovered that our bodies are built and controlled by far fewer genes than expected. Now the next generation of geneticists have updated that picture.”

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riot grrls!

The Pussy Riot trial began in Moscow yesterday and is said to be the trial that will “set the tone” for Putin’s repeat “Presidency” (aka Dictatorship.) If you don’t know the story behind Pussy Riot, start here. It’s pretty fck’n awesome. Quick summary: ultra-intelligent feminist punk rock girl group takes on the new Russian dictatorship.

Until today, I didn’t realize that Amnesty International was now involved. Go here and add your name to the petition asking the Russian government to drop the “hooligan” charges that has these woman separated from their children for the past 5 months without visitation and could keep them in prison for the next SEVEN years.

Yeah…seven years in prison will show young Russian woman not to step up to the big, bad Putin-man. Must suck for him to be internationally humiliated by a bunch of riot grrls. Karma is a poetic bitch.

Photo: Rookie via Forbes

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cloud atlas

The Wachowski siblings of The Matrix and Tom Twyker of Run Lola Run (two of the best movies ever made) came together to adapt the novel Cloud Atlas into a screenplay and then tri-direct the film. The six minute long trailer looks tremendous in scope. Even though it was rumored to cost 100 million to make, it’s basically an independent film as they had to collect funding from hundreds of different sources. (Nobody in Hollywood would back it because it was too “complex” and impossible to market.) Looks like one of the most ambitious films ever made and the subject matter is pure awesome—-karma, reincarnation, future/past/present connections, the nature of time and existence… does it get better? I think not. Pop the corn! October 26.

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20 seconds to sign your name?

FOOD is, arguably, foundational to any cause you care about. Without healthy food/agriculture, in a couple of decades, we’ll be such a sickly species that we will not have the strength and stamina to take care of our children, animals and the earth.

Let’s make sure that the 2012 FARM BILL—a federal bill that resets agricultural policies every 5 years—invests in healthy food instead of handouts to corporate MEGA-FARMS.

The ever-impressive EWG (Environmental Working Group) has joined with Mario Batali, Michael Pollan and more than 70 of the nation’s food and health leaders to urge Congress to redirect a portion of crop insurance subsidies into vital investments in nutrition, healthy food and conservation programs. Add your voice and SIGN HERE.

EWG is also already preparing for when the farm bill comes up in the House of Representatives. Add your name to their letter to House members HERE.

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