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for the love of street photography, introverts & secrets

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the first 70

My sister-in-law sent this to me. Looks like a gorgeous and important documentary.

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dispatches from occupy love

A very special filmmaker and group of producers are making a documentary called Occupy Love that I’ve been tracking with anticipation. The film investigates the Occupy movement as a global revolution of the heart that’s just about to find its true voice and explode. I get chills watching the updates they’ve been posting (see below).

Personally, I’ve been fascinated by how the media continues to perpetuate various ‘memes’ about the occupy movement that completely misrepresent not only what’s really happening on the street (locally and around the world), but what lies at the core of the movement. Once you move past the propaganda perpetuated by those who want to co-opt the movement (or see it fail), the fact is that occupy has the guidance of some wonderfully intelligent, compassionate and brilliant visionaries who want to Occupy survive as a community-owned revolution that can’t be pinned to a specific political movement, ideology or philosophy.

Many of them are focused on the idea that occupy is about remembering certain inalienable rights and taking back the “public square” where people can question, discuss and create solutions to problems that really aren’t much of a problem when you step outside of the boundaries that have been created for us.

The occupy blog is a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on inside of Occupy.

And their periodic dispatches and interview snippets are really inspiring!

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Bully – Trailer No. 1

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the veils are thinning…

This doc is fantastic! Went to a screening of Wake Up with a group of friends at my local indie bookstore. Afterward, there was a Q&A with Jonas Elrod (the subject and director.) He was charming and hilarious and completely down to earth. The doc recently had its TV premiere on OWN and has screened at fests like SXSW. You can watch online or buy the DVD. *Recommended for skeptics and believers alike.

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the boy with the incredible brain

Holy smoke.

Pop some popcorn and watch this doc in lieu of some craptastic reality show. Two minutes and it will suck you in! Such powerful proof that we have extra-sensory, super computers between our ears that can access so much more than the tiny fraction of “reality” most of us are limited to perceiving. Here’s the direct link. (Hat tip: Spiritually Deep Dish)

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the kids grow up

This trailer totally choked me up…


(via the playlist)

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the great white northern lights

This beautifully shot doc just premiered at SXSW. S’gonna be gooood. (That Jack sure wears a kilt well.) The Playlist raves…

Raw, rough-hewn and yet roaring with an electric vitality Emmet Malloy’s “The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights” is the blueprint for music docs that all filmmakers should strive for: ones that are loose, feel like they have a sense of danger to them and crackle with life. Without spoiling too much, the concluding, wordless scene is flooring. On the 10th anniversary of the band’s existence — still to this date their last show ever played so far — Jack White takes to a piano, exhausted, to play “White Moon.” It’s not for anyone other than Jack himself and Meg who quietly saddles up next to him on the piano bench. As White moans through the devastating catharsis of the song, Meg begins to gently weep as Malloy’s team silently captures the moment. It’s utterly breathtaking and quivers with emotion and magical, unspoken depth. Did the band break up in that moment? (That’s the rumor, they haven’t played since). It is a goodbye or happy tiresome tears for 10 years on the road or just of the moment? We may never know and it’s as beautiful a scene as anything burned onto celluloid we’ve seen this year.

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food, inc.

Viva la food revolution!

With a constituency limited to anyone who eats, “Food, Inc.” is a civilized horror movie for the socially conscious, the nutritionally curious and the hungry. Yes, it has a deceptively cheery palette, but helmer Robert Kenner’s doc — which does for the supermarket what “Jaws” did for the beach — marches straight into the dark side of cutthroat agri-business, corporatized meat and the greedy manipulation of both genetics and the law. Doc biz may be in the doldrums, but “Food, Inc.” is so aesthetically polished and politically urgent, theatrical play seems a no-brainer, though it won’t do much for popcorn sales.


Disturbing as it is, “Food, Inc.” doesn’t present some doomsday scenario. People can make a difference, it says: After all, look what happened to Big Tobacco.


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