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San Fran World Film Festival

This past Thursday, AG: JB had a press screening at the Dolby Labs for the San Francisco World Film Festival. The Dolby headquarters on Potrero Avenue have a cushy screening room available to independent filmmakers in San Fran for FREE. Thanks to Karen Gabai for organizing the event for us. (We’ll be screening Amazing Grace at the SF World Festival September 30 and October 1.)

Here’s a doc at SFW Festival that we can’t wait to see. Ocean Odyssey documents director and musician, Paul Gilman, communicating with whales and dolphins using an electronic keyboard and Native American flute – they go CRAZY. Some of the most noted cetacean biologists have joined up with Gilman’s expeditions because he’s achieved the closest human contact with a pod of killer whales and captured the first underwater footage of orcas and dolphins together. The trailer will give you goose bumps.

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Will Grizzly trump the penguins?

We were hoping to catch Werner Herzog’s new documentary when it screened at the Seattle Film festival. It’s getting stellar reviews.

GRIZZLY MAN explores the life and gruesome death of amateur grizzly bear expert and wildlife preservationist Timothy Treadwell. The film is a powerful cautionary tale about modern man’s relationship to wild nature as it follows Treadwell’s journeys to Alaska, where he lived among the grizzlies and grew to love them. Treadwell’s crusade to defend the grizzlies tragically ended when he–and his girlfriend–were attacked and killed by a rogue grizzly in October 2003.” GRIZZLY MAN is a gripping and epic adventure story in the tradition of Jon Krakauer’s classic Into Thin Air and Into the Wild.”

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The Corporation

Go buy this DVD right now and then pass it on to your friends.

Shocking. Enlightening. Inspiring. Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott take on the evils and insanity (literally) of the typical corporate business model in THE CORPORATION.

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I missed the screening of Victory Tischler-Blue’s (Vicky Blue’s) documentary, Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways at the Don’t Knock The Rock Film Festival where we secretly screened AG:JB this past August. I’m real curious to see if it’s as brutally revealing as it claims to be. Sounds like these gals lived the music industry nightmare. Chewed up. Spit out.

After reading a few articles about Vicky’s excruciating battle to finish this film (seems like a common trend in music docs, now don’t it?), I’m pretty sure there’s no hope, ever, for a Runaways reunion.

The film finally has distribution. No theater run, but the DVD will be available January 2005. I’m so happy for Victory. Will omit from making pun here.

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Policinema & The Yes Men

Just launched today, Films To See Before You Vote.
Good stuff.

By now you’ve heard about The Yes Men, but did you know it was made by Chris Smith and Sarah Price who directed/produced one of my favorite docs, American Movie?

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