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another victory

Looks like pink slime is off the menu, boys. At least for now. Pink slime, a.k.a. “finely textured beef”, is a meat by-product that’s used in like 95%+ of non-organic ground hamburger meat. People finally made a big fuss about, shit went viral, and change happened. Hurray for us.

Nobody did anything (about pink slime). USDA dropped the ball again. The meat industry soft sold it,” said Zirnstein, who left USDA and took a job as an industry consultant but now is unemployed. The issue got renewed life when British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who advocates for American children to eat healthier food, devoted an episode of his television show to the topic in April last year.

Disgusted by the product, consumer activist organizations, food safety blogs and the media have pounced on the issue. More than a million people have watched a YouTube video of Oliver’s show, an online petition has begun and consumers have complained to major grocery companies. […[

“The whole thing went viral … Just blew the top off everything,” said Zirnstein. Zirnstein said he worried at first about being deemed a whistleblower, but now does not care. “I am really an involuntary whistleblower,” he said. But he added, “It looks like pink slime. That is what I said.” Asked if he and his family still eat hamburgers, Zirnstein sighed. “The labels aren’t clear, so we don’t eat it. That’s the thing,” he said. “It isn’t freaking labeled.”


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it can be done…

If we speak up loudly enough…

In a massive blow to multinational agribiz corporations such as Monsanto, Bayer, and Dow, Peru has officially passed a law banning genetically modified ingredients anywhere within the country for a full decade before coming up for another review.

Remember that genetically modified foods are scientifically proven to weaken your immune system, your child’s immunes system and over time the entire human genome. Take back your food system from corporate behemoths. Stay informed of important legislation in your state via Millions Against Monsanto or Occupy Monsanto.

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serious shit

There are so many important issues clamoring for my attention and I only have so much bandwidth… but one issue I just can’t ignore is the genetically modified food battle. It’s so fundamental.

GMO foods in the US are not labeled because lobbyists pay to ensure they’re not. Why? Because a GMO label is a consumer’s equivalent of a skull and crossbones. And for good reason. (Just skim this interview with the heroic Dr. Árpád Pusztai, a whistleblower whose astounding study on the damaging effects of GMO potatoes caused a citizen uproar leading to an all-out BAN of genetically modified foods in Europe!)

To sum up Dr. Pusztai’s scientific findings: GMO foods weaken your immune system and will eventually weaken the human genome.

Hopefully, you belong to a CSA or get your veggies from an organic farmer’s market. But if you shop at Whole Foods – even occasionally – thinking they don’t sell this crap because of their (hypocritical) Non-GMO project, think again. Whole Foods just caved under Monsanto’s pressure and will now carry GMO foods beginning with Roundup Ready alfalfa sprouts and spreading from there. Oh, and these GMO foods won’t be labeled.

No matter where you shop, make some noise. Please take a sec to sign and pass along these two petitions asking food retailers to label GMO foods:

Tell the top 6 Food Retailers to label GMOs & factory farm products

Tell Whole Foods to voluntarily label conventional and “natural” foods containing GMOs or coming from Factory Farms

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meal bar

One of these CORE Defender Meals (raw, organic almond raisin bar) with two glasses of water is supposed to equal a meal. Half a bar is equal to a “snack.” The are refrigerated. The bar is about four by two inches. I just ate half with a glass of water and feel like I ate a steak dinner. I guess this is the modern day equivalent of lammas bread.

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the most important war on the planet today…

Oooo, this really burns me up. ONLY PUBLIC PRESSURE from you and me will shift this frightening trend. Please please please do everything you can to support local farmers!

Americans’ right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. Farmageddon tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and seeks to figure out why.

Filmmaker Kristin Canty’s quest to find healthy food for her four children turned into an educational journey to discover why access to these foods was being threatened. What she found were policies that favor agribusiness and factory farms over small family-operated farms selling fresh foods to their communities. Instead of focusing on the source of food safety problems — most often the industrial food chain — policymakers and regulators implement and enforce solutions that target and often drive out of business small farms that have proven themselves more than capable of producing safe, healthy food, but buckle under the crushing weight of government regulations and excessive enforcement actions.

Farmageddon highlights the urgency of food freedom, encouraging farmers and consumers alike to take action to preserve individuals’ rights to access food of their choice and farmers’ rights to produce these foods safely and free from unreasonably burdensome regulations. The film serves to put policymakers and regulators on notice that there is a growing movement of people aware that their freedom to choose the foods they want is in danger, a movement that is taking action with its dollars and its voting power to protect and preserve the dwindling number of family farms that are struggling to survive.

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urban roots

Urban farming in Detroit. Support Urban Roots here!

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There’s a new CPR technique called CCR that’s super EASY, doesn’t require mouth-to-mouth and is performed to the rhythm of a Bee Gees tune. I feel so empowered. Always bugged me that I didn’t know CPR and now I do. At least watch the first 1:30 for the basic info on how to keep someone’s blood and oxygen flowing to the heart. It’s really easy…

(Thanks to Peter’s mom!)

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Phenomenal article that everyone should read.

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20 seconds of your time

I just sent the below email to my Senators urging them to get GMO’s out of the Global Food Security Act. Will you send an email to your Senator too? Let’s all of us help to put an end to genetically modified crops. Especially, since organic agriculture is far more environmentally and ECONOMICALLY sound in the grand scheme. All of your voices are precious! Click here to send the below email.

The UN recently released a report saying that Africa’s best hope for the future is organic agriculture. Yet the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed S.384, the Global Food Security Act, that would require “research on biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions, including genetically modified technology” as a condition of US aid.

Instead of cynically cloaking corporate welfare for chemical companies like Monsanto in agriculture aid packages, why not support the United Nations Environment Program’s Green Economy Initiative?

A new survey by the UN Conference on Trade and the Environment and UNEP in East Africa found that over 90 per cent of studies show that organic or near organic agriculture had benefits for soil fertility; water control; improved water tables, carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

This allows farmers to extend the growing season in marginal areas. The research in East Africa was among 1.6 million organic or near organic farmers from seven countries working on 1.4 million hectares.

Other findings include an increase in crop yields of 128 per cent since switching.

Higher incomes too are a result of not having to buy fertilizers and pesticides; as is more food availability; higher prices are paid through certification schemes for both export and domestic markets – which addresses poverty in environmentally friendly way.

Close to 90 percent of cases showed an increase in farm and household incomes and because organic agriculture is more knowledge intensive it has led to improvements in education, community bonds and cooperation on market access.

The report concludes: “Organic and near-organic agricultural methods and technologies are ideally suited for many poor, marginalized smallholder farmers in Africa, as they require minimal or no external inputs, use locally and naturally available materials to produce high-quality products, and encourage a whole systemic approach to farming that is more diverse and resistant to stress.”

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new leaf






I feel like these trees this morning – bright, green and grounded. Just back from a 10 day ‘living food’ detox retreat. Lots of meditation, contemplation, long walks, yoga, learning about body ecology and quality time spent with my (very cool) dad who came with me. It was a remarkable experience to eat only raw, living food for 10 days straight. Quite literally, I feel like a different person. I’m definitely on some other plane of consciousness right now. Wonder how long this will last (?)

*These pics are not from the retreat, but from a recent walk in the divine Henry Cowell State Park in Felton, CA. The retreat was near Ithaca, NY, but I decided not to take my camera with me as an exercise in just being and seeing without the distracting need to capture. No computer for 10 days as well. It was a detox on many levels :)

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