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Pinterest has pretty much replaced Cherry in terms of where I’m collecting lots and lots of images. Here are my pins. Here are my boards. Come play.


{etsy} scavengers and seafarers

“….like a net cast out into the vast oceans, bringing back trinkets from the beyond….. genuine coyote’s canine, a genuine shark’s tooth, an agate arrowhead, wooden beads, glass beads, shells from the coast of Florida, smooth beach stones from Lake Michigan, and beautiful sea glass from the shores of Scotland.”

Ram Collective.

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{etsy} babette

Quartz pendants at Babette.

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deep winter magic

Wood turnings by Greg Gallegos of Natural Selection Studio on Etsy.

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{etsy} home tweet home

“Round rustic birdhouse, handmade with jute, hemp, pine needles, moss, sticks and other forest finds. They are weather-proof and sturdy.”

How utterly charming are these handmade birdhouses from Bear Paw Rustics?? Just imagine one of these lined with feathers and bits of soft things, all warm and cozy and snugged up tight for the winter! These houses are going to make a few of our winged friends very happy (I snapped up two of them.) Wonder if Bear Paw could make a human size version?

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{etsy} vina rust

If there were a soundtrack for this broach and necklace handmade by Vina Rust, it’d be Witchy Woman by the Eagles.

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Loving the rustic, organic look of this crocheted broach by uloni and these handmade glass beads by The Blue Between.

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{etsy} knitalatte

So sweet. From Knitalatte.

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{etsy} teonova

For Halloween.

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Charcoal gray Etsy discoveries.
And here.
You wouldn’t know it from my blog, but gray is my favorite color to wear. I think cherry is where I let my secret passion for color out to play.

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