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misty beach magic

More of Hanalei Bay and those magnificent mountains.

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volcanic sunrise

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emerald tide pools

These lava rock tide pools on “Secret Beach” (about a 10 minute hike through the forest) were deep enough to swim laps and surprisingly cool and fresh!

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hanalei bay

We made an escape to Kauai over the past week and a half and it took this trip (our third) to discover the best beach on the planet… Hanalei Bay. This little spot is tucked away on the north coast of Kauai, protected by lush, green mountains capped by perpetual floating mists and overflowing with long trails of white, milky waterfalls. The water is warm. The sky is blooming with rainbows. And the sunsets are portals to other worlds. Of course, these pics don’t even begin to do the enchantment justice!

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After almost 9 years living in NorCali, we finally made it up to Tahoe with some friends. It was WILD to leave such a pleasant, mild 60 degree day and four hours later arrive in a winter wonderland with six foot high snow banks and white frosted trees (although, by the time I took these photos a lot of the snow had melted.) The homes on the North shore of Lake Tahoe were an impressive fusion of California contemporary and Swiss chalet inspired architecture – surprisingly charming for CA. The lake itself was majestic and overwhelming. It’s 200 square miles and deep enough to submerge the empire state building (and then some.) On a sunny day, they say you can see the bottom up to 30 feet deep. Even at sunset, the silvery water along the rocky shore was crystal clear!

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Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

This is the first New Year that I can remember feeling so fresh and full of possibility right from the get-go. I look around and see so many people in my life going through major changes, breakthroughs and challenges. I know change is always rolling forth, but 2010 feels amplified. I’m excited for all of us.

(Above some pics from our holiday in New Hampshire at my mom’s. My first snow storm in almost nine years. It was glorious.)

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new leaf






I feel like these trees this morning – bright, green and grounded. Just back from a 10 day ‘living food’ detox retreat. Lots of meditation, contemplation, long walks, yoga, learning about body ecology and quality time spent with my (very cool) dad who came with me. It was a remarkable experience to eat only raw, living food for 10 days straight. Quite literally, I feel like a different person. I’m definitely on some other plane of consciousness right now. Wonder how long this will last (?)

*These pics are not from the retreat, but from a recent walk in the divine Henry Cowell State Park in Felton, CA. The retreat was near Ithaca, NY, but I decided not to take my camera with me as an exercise in just being and seeing without the distracting need to capture. No computer for 10 days as well. It was a detox on many levels :)

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ile st. louis

We are in Paris – sort of an impromptu visit considering we made our plans about three weeks before we left! Try tracking down an apartment in Paris during June. Not an easy feat. We got seriously lucky with a petit studio on the Ile St. Louis, a little island (that I had no idea existed) in the middle of the Seine not far from Notre Dame. It’s almost like a little country village in the center of Paris – very peaceful and much lower key than the rest of the city. Most of the buildings are 17th century, including the one where we’re staying on Quai D’Anjou. You can see our “hotel,” the french word for townhouse, pictured in the historic print below – pretty cool. I’m completely charmed by this building, the apartment and its gigantic windows that open up to the Seine (and the trees along the bank whose leaves whisper us to sleep at night.) I never want to leave and we only have three days left! Hope to post more pics soon… and to share a bit about why we’re in Paris (exciting news, at least for me!)










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big sur

Weekend getaway in Big Sur… can you see why I didn’t want to leave?!








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TiltShift Maker is a photo processing website that allows you to turn your photos into faux miniature worlds where everything is tiny and cute! There’s even a flickr group.

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