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creepy cool

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entfesselt! (?)

My German is fuzzy, so not exactly sure what “entfesselt” means, but this Mongolian punk rock spread in German Vogue is exploding with texture and color and awesomeness.

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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the MET. Cannot wait to see these threads, beads, feathers and buds in person! (Photo here and here.)

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{etsy} scavengers and seafarers

“….like a net cast out into the vast oceans, bringing back trinkets from the beyond….. genuine coyote’s canine, a genuine shark’s tooth, an agate arrowhead, wooden beads, glass beads, shells from the coast of Florida, smooth beach stones from Lake Michigan, and beautiful sea glass from the shores of Scotland.”

Ram Collective.

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god save the queen


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feathered and lilac

Oh to be young (meaning, lilac hair and dreamcatcher dresses young.) From here.

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{etsy} babette

Quartz pendants at Babette.

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les chaussures

Random inspiration from Marinni. I think these are shoes from the Bath Fashion Museum collection via 1906 (Paris.) Note the second pair in the second row and how they’re slightly different colors. Why aren’t more shoes subtly mismatched like that? It’s kind of cool. (Or maybe this was just a curator’s happy accident?)

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1) anne wood 2) pamela love 3) from here 4) Emily Miranda (via NGFM)

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chintz of darkness

New blog infatuation – the delicious and decadent Chintz of Darkness. If Edgar Allen Poe and Marie Antoinette collaborated on a blog, this would be it.

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