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The Mushrooms Come
by Joyce Sidman

From moss and loam
the mushrooms come.

From bark on trees,
from crumbling logs,
from musty leaves,
the mushrooms come.

From vast pale networks
they shoulder up
without a sound;
they spread their damp
umbrella tops
and loose their spores
with silent pops.
Unbuttoning the forest floor,
the mushrooms come,
the mushrooms come.

Like noses pink
in midnight air,
like giants’ ears,
like elfin hair,
like ancient cities
built on cliffs,
the mushrooms come,
the mushrooms come.

*Sent by a friend from the book Dark Emperor Of The Night And Other Poems Of The Night. The mushroom photo was taken in a forest in Yedigöller, Turkey.

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Enchanted by Jasper Conran’s Country which is bursting with the loveliness, charm and traditions of life in the English countryside – creek side snowdrops, mushroom hunters, marmalade festivals, gypsy horse fairs. Conran narrates the stunning photos taken by Andrew Montgomery of the towns & people surrounding Conran’s own home (in Somerset) as well as the spots he cherished as a boy. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, but if anybody knows of any comparable books, please drop a note!

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made by hand

Here it comes! From the ridiculously talented Pia Jane, her new book in the (growing) *made by hand* series… it arrives June 1. I’m so looking forward to my (armchair) trip to Amsterdam ^_^ !

This is the second Made by Hand guide by stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk. The first, Paris: Made by Hand, received an ecstatic reception around the world from magazines such as British House & Garden, Vogue Living, and Martha Stewart Living, and on dozens and dozens of design blogs from design*sponge to decor8. Amsterdam: Made by Hand takes readers to dozens of boutiques, studios, and workshops offering not only newly created items fashioned by hand, but also vintage objects and found objects that may have been reworked by a talented artist. Also included are shops providing exclusive European supplies if you want to make your own objects: fabric, vintage silk tassels, yarn, handmade buttons, flowers in feathers and silk, and more. Pia describes her book the best:

“As a stylist, I am always on the lookout for objects that are distinctive and alluring—which is why I adore all things handmade. Amsterdam: Made by Hand is an insider’s guide where you’ll discover Dutch ateliers tucked away on the cobble stoned backstreets of the old canal district, and boutiques that Dutch designers and stylists have kept well-hidden inside their black books. . . until now. Between its pages you can expect to find woodworkers, flower artists, jewelry designers, dressmakers, ceramicists, and more: with the backdrop of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals and wonky buildings, you can expect to see this quaint old city in a whole new light.”

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I came across these beautifully designed (Penguin) classics at Anthropologie and became a little obsessed with collecting them all. (They’re almost half price via a certain online book seller that shall not be mentioned because it’s better to support your local bookstore, right? Eeek.)

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Weird. Just last night I pulled Patrick Suskind’s Perfume off the shelf last night thinking I might re-read, but the binding is horrid and the cover is so ugly that it discouraged me. Today, I come across Perfume’s gorgeous new cover design by Klaus Haapaniemi.

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voynich manuscript

A page from the most “mysterious book in the world.”

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historic leaf

This chestnut leaf with golden calligraphy dates from the 19th century Ottoman Empire and is part of the exhibition Treasures Of The Aga Kahn Museum at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. (DW)

(Found here via here.)

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the heart book

Danish ballad manuscript from the 1550’s. (Found on COULEURS)

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dali’s wonderland


Who knew (though it makes sense) that Dali illustrated a version of Alice in Wonderland? I don’t love it, but it’s worth a look see.

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victorian love letters




Thank you to Pia for directing me to (the film) Bright Star’s website! Check out how love letters were folded in 1818 and all sorts of other romantic behind-the-scenes goodies from this gorgeous, gorgeous film.

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