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The latest thrill over here is the discovery of Phadriod—a husband & wife collaboration between Android Jones (a laser projectionist) and Phaedra (an interpretive dancer). Phaedra dances in a flowing white robes while Android projects images onto her moving body. Most of the time she performs in front of a giant screen, but sometimes she performs outside against the backdrop of the night—infinitely more magical. Yes, at first it looks like a screen saver, but when you start to make out the dancing woman, it’s purty cool. (Best parts are the bursting fire lights and the sparkling white stars!)


If you liked that, go 6 minutes into this mini doc about Burning Man to see some absolutely mind-bending Phadroid stuff. BTW, this whole doc is totally worth watching. (Lots of our friends are going Burning Man this year… sometimes I giggle when I think about the expanding gap between my East and West coast friends, but I so love wearing both pairs of boots!)

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limitation as inspiration

Brilliant revelation or reminder.

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riot grrls!

The Pussy Riot trial began in Moscow yesterday and is said to be the trial that will “set the tone” for Putin’s repeat “Presidency” (aka Dictatorship.) If you don’t know the story behind Pussy Riot, start here. It’s pretty fck’n awesome. Quick summary: ultra-intelligent feminist punk rock girl group takes on the new Russian dictatorship.

Until today, I didn’t realize that Amnesty International was now involved. Go here and add your name to the petition asking the Russian government to drop the “hooligan” charges that has these woman separated from their children for the past 5 months without visitation and could keep them in prison for the next SEVEN years.

Yeah…seven years in prison will show young Russian woman not to step up to the big, bad Putin-man. Must suck for him to be internationally humiliated by a bunch of riot grrls. Karma is a poetic bitch.

Photo: Rookie via Forbes

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get your photos out to the world!

Do you know any photographers who need to (finally) put their portfolios online??? If so, send them some inspiration!

My husband, Peter, just released a new ebook via called: A Guide To WordPress For Photographers. This book is perfect for any photographers or artists in your life who have been wanting to set-up a classy, easily navigable site that displays their work and enables search engines to “find” their photos for optimal exposure. WordPress is FREE open source software, so it won’t cost them a dime unless they want to add some fancy plug-ins.

Peter’s guide is concise, easy to understand, and focuses on building an image centric website. Below is a brief synopsis:

This in-depth guide to using WordPress provides all the information needed to setup a professional website for your photography or take your existing site to the next level. A cohesive and well-designed website is the single most important way to showcase and promote your photography online, and thanks to WordPress, building one doesn’t have to break the bank. While there are numerous WordPress resources on the web, none are written by a photographer for photographers. This book was specifically designed to maximize website usability for potential customers and help you avoid time consuming mistakes. Step-by-step guides will teach you everything about setting up WordPress, choosing a theme/design for your website, and adding content. Also included are advanced techniques for working with image galleries, importing image meta-data, optimizing image search, and a whole lot more!

You can buy it HERE.

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Pinterest has pretty much replaced Cherry in terms of where I’m collecting lots and lots of images. Here are my pins. Here are my boards. Come play.



By Mikhail Vrubel 1897.

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errol le cain (illustrator)

Errol Le Cain’s illustrations from The Thorn Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty, by Brothers Grimm. (Another bedtime story discovery made at a friend’s who bought the books, in Japanese, to read to her little girls.) All these years I thought Le Cain’s work was that of Edmund Dulac. Such goreouusness.

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taking imagination seriously (!)

Janet Echelman’s TED talk on “taking imagination seriously” exploded my brain and filled it with glittering stars of inspiration and awe. Must watch!

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pavel tatarnikov {illustrator}

(King Lear)

A friend of mine’s reading Arthur of Albion to her children at bedtime and when I picked up the book to check it out, I was so taken with Pavel Tatarnikov’s magical illustrations that I sent myself an email with a reminder to buy the book! Love how Pavel’s illustrations have layers upon layers… castles are hidden in armor, swords are citadels, hills are cities, horses are clouds… everything magically shapeshifting in and out of each other. More here if you scroll about half way down the page. Pavel’s illustrated everything from King Arthur and Shakespeare to biblical stories and classic fairytales.

(Arthur of Albion)


(The Bells of Niamiga)

(The Lay of the Warfare Waged)

(Beauty and The Beast)

(Arthur of Albion)

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No idea if streuwerk is a person or a collective, but their landart is the sweetest. How cool that Andy Goldsworthy has launched a generation of land artists?

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