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Lots of nature photo inspiration at Bloom.

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nature’s fingerprints

Just came across these cool little tables made by Holmes Wilson (found on Style Files.) Even cooler are their concrete panels. I can totally envision these lining a foyer, or a spectacular bathroom, or a recessed in a library, lit up like a fossilized archeological treasure. The trick is in the stain and what kind of patina and texture they create. The larger leaf imprints are particularly stunning.

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tree of life

Cutest illustration for The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin. Love Peter Sis!

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Found this simple, but lovely piece posted on a fantastic art tumblr, but unfortunately, there was no information on the artist. I’ve been on the lookout for labyrinth art (which is surprisingly difficult to find!) ever since I began walking the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (where I always have a powerful experience.) Labyrinths are so special, at least to me, because they’re meant to remind us of the repetitive nature of our path, while always leading us deeper, closer to the core. For this labyrinth, I love that the core is a tree of life :)

As a loosely related aside, I just had a random dream recall from last night. David Bowie approached me on the street (in NYC) and invited me up to his apartment via a secret panel in his lobby that led to a secret elevator that opened to a secret hallway lined with cut mirrors. He was in full Labyrinth regalia, except his hair and makeup tended more toward a cat version of Jareth the Goblin King. I think my subconscious was getting my 80’s movies mixed up because Bowie did not star in Cat People (which I’ve never seen), but as I just discovered a moment ago, he DID write the title song for the soundtrack. I’m kinda of proud of my subconscious for managing to pull that connection together. Unfortunately, Peter woke me before I got the scoop on what the Goblin King had in store. Though, secret elevators and hallways can only mean deep subconscious stuff.

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{artist} steffan dam

In love with these glass panels created by Danish artist/designer Steffan Dam who uses layers of blown glass to replicate exquisitely detailed specimens of marine and plant life. See more of his beautiful pieces here here. (Thank you to Lou for the tip!)

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the secret of kells

On a whim, we rented the most enchanting little film I’ve seen in a long while – The Secret of Kells – a beautiful story shrouded in Celtic symbolism & myth that revolves around the making of the most magnificent illuminated manuscript in history, The Book of Kells. The film was nominated for an Academy Award last year, and I’d come across rave reviews, but promptly forgot about it.

The animation was simple, but STUNNING with a distinct retro-flavor and you can definitely see/feel the influence of Miyazaki. The story and characters resonated like a gong in my mind long after the last frame (oh, my heart.) Such a beautiful message about the importance of art, the magic of nature and the power of myth. See it!

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Alex Box is clearly one of those stylists/make-up artists who works for The Hunger Games.

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{etsy} home tweet home

“Round rustic birdhouse, handmade with jute, hemp, pine needles, moss, sticks and other forest finds. They are weather-proof and sturdy.”

How utterly charming are these handmade birdhouses from Bear Paw Rustics?? Just imagine one of these lined with feathers and bits of soft things, all warm and cozy and snugged up tight for the winter! These houses are going to make a few of our winged friends very happy (I snapped up two of them.) Wonder if Bear Paw could make a human size version?

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the river

Mystical, mysterious river magic.

*Not a music video, just scenes filmed on a river from The Anthropologist, a site discovered by Pia.

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