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Plan B

Intrigued by the Skeptic Environmentalist, but then read this, and went to Plan B.

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Alice Underground

Lewis Carroll’s precursor to Alice In Wonderland.

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Time Machine

i-tunes has Billboard Hot 100 charts that go back to the 1940’s. Just spent a few hours listening to 2nd grade through senior year. Good to have Corey Hart’s, ‘Never Surrender,’ and White Lion’s, ‘Wait,’ back in my music collection. (I heart Mike Tramp 4-ever.)

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Drawing of the day

A lovely thank you note from my cousin Jessie for sending her some birthday books: Island of the Blue Dolphines, Lemony Snicket Book One, Wrinkle In Time, and The Secret Garden.

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Depp as Libertine

The Libertine (not to be confused with The Libertines) premieres at the Toronto Film Festival this September — a period piece about the life of John Wilmot, The Earl of Rochester, recognized as “one of the major poets of the 17th century, but in his own lifetime his career as a womanizer, drinker, atheist, pornographer and rebel gained him more attention than his serious writing. He died of alcohol and syphilis at the age of 33 after making a late conversion to Christianity.”

The movie is based on Stephen Jeffreys’ play, of the same title, which opened in 1996 with Malkovich playing Rochester. Malkovich produced the movie version, as well as plays the role of King Charles II. Looks like it’ll probably get an NC-17 rating cause Johnny shares a passionate kiss with a guy and one of the scenes called for 300 extras sans clothing. Official screening time will be announced Tuesday by TIFF.

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West Indian Girl

Lush sunshiny california rock electronic shoe-gazer psychedelic chill-out stuff. Makes me all giddy inside, like I wanna hop in a convertible, stop for some menthol lights & a box of vanilla wafers, and head toward the nearest crystal-clear lake with a rope swing.

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Faustian disco glamour

Fans of a certain disco roller queen from Mt. Olypmus (or that Transylvanian transvestite) will wanna check out Menahem Golan’s cult flick, The Apple. It bombed back in 1980, but midnight screenings made it into a camp cult classic, so much so that MGM decided to put it out on DVD. Combines the Story of Faust, the Old Testament, and George Orwell’s 1984, into an insane glam rock psychadelic sci-fi extravaganza…

“When folk singers Alphie and Bibi [from Moose Jaw, Canada] enter the World Vision song contest, their wholesome appeal catches the evil eye of music mogul Mr. Boogalow, a Faustian fiend who promises the pair fame and fortune. Seduced by Boogalow’s devilish denizens, Bibi surrenders her soul and soon becomes a superstar… and a pawn in Boogalow’s plot to take over the planet with the power of pop music! Now, Alphie must free Bibi from Boogalow…and save the world from rock-and-roll ruin!”

I’ll see it based on the poster alone.

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Five Thick Slabs of Blue Cheese

Hours of entertainment… George Mason University has compiled a Speech Accent Archive of (English language) accented speakers from different language backgrounds. My fav is the English subcategory no. 24, Glascow, Scotland. I could listen to that rolling Scottish brogue all day.

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Forget Her

Jeff Buckley’s Grace (Legacy Edition) was released in the UK today. For the time being, you can watch the music video for the infamous, Forget Her, which was replaced last minute by the song So Real when Grace was released in 1994. I think Jeff had said somewhere that he removed the song because he didn’t want to play such a sad song, night after night. Since he’s not around to play it anymore, the decision was made to release it on the legacy edition. The song is lovely, the video, haunting. I’m assuming Columbia put this together recently using disparate footage and outtakes, but it certainly works. Most definitley better than the video for Everybody Here Wants You.

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