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Mindy Smith

“I believe Mindy will leave her mark as one of the greatest writers and singers ever.”
– Dolly Parton

(Late bloomer) Yesterday, I listened to Mindy Smith’s debut, and so regret not snapping up One More Moment back in January. Comparisons to Patty Griffin and Alison Krauss abound, so it’s a fair assumption if you like those ladies, Mindy’s your gal.

Listen to:
Come To Jesus *

Listen to:
One Moment More
Fighting It All

Here’s a beautiful acoustic set on “Weekend Becomes Eclectic” at KCRW.

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Tegan and Sara

“Chrissie Hynde and Ryan Adams have both handpicked them for opening slots on their tours. Neil Young gave them their start and recently asked them to play his Bridge School Benefit concerts next to veterans like Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth. Additionally, the Canadian west coast indie-rock community — including the twins’ rhythm section, New Pornographers producers John Collins and David Carswell — has taken the duo under its wing.”

I wasn’t crazy about Tegan and Sara’s last album, so I almost didn’t give these gals a second listen… but this track off their new one, So Jealous, is addictive. There are a couple of other downloads on their website that are worth listening to.

They’re playing Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit this October along with:

Paul McCartney
Tony Bennett
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Sonic Youth
Los Lonely Boys

Flattering company for two relatively unknown lesbian, identical twin sisters from Canada.

“When we signed our record deal, Elliot Roberts, who’s managed Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, said, ‘You’re awesome and you’re going to write your best music in your 30s.’ Okay, so six more years of f—ing everything up and then we’ll sound great.”

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Anne Rice defends Lestat

I’m assuming it’s been confirmed that the “real” Anne Rice did, in fact, post this SCATHING response on, striking back at some reader’s for bashing her latest book, Blood Canticle–the book that unifies and concludes both The Vampire Chronicles and Lives of the Mayfair Witches series all-in-one.

SPOILER ALERT: Seems that Lestat fans are peeved that the infamous “Brat Prince” has aspirations to become a saint. (Please. We all know Lestat rolls with the times. Enlightenment is so 21st century.) Lestat purists also take particular offense at his repeated use of the word, “dude,” that he declares his love for a mortal, and various other non-vampiric behaviors deemed unforgivable. There’s also bandwagon criticism revolving around Anne’s “deteriorating” writing skills. Blabbity blah. I haven’t read Canticle yet, so can’t venture an opinion as to its legitimacy to the Lestat throne, but my philosophy is that writers write to entertain and fulfill themselves, not an audience… and so I’d suggest Rice critics write their own ending if Anne hadn’t forbid fan fiction based on her books. (ehem.) At the very least, fans who claim to love Anne’s original brilliant novels might express their disappointment with respect.

“Now, if it doesn’t appeal to you, fine. You don’t enjoy it? Read somebody else. But your stupid arrogant assumptions about me and what I am doing are slander. And you have used this site as if it were a public urinal to publish falsehood and lies. I’ll never challenge your democratic freedom to do so, and yes, I’m answering you, but for what it’s worth, be assured of the utter contempt I feel for you, especially those of you who post anonymously (and perhaps repeatedly?) and how glad I am that this book is the last one in a series that has invited your hateful and ugly responses.”

And, while I think it may be necessary for an author, or any artist, to defend themselves when critics are downright vicious (especially nameless, faceless critics gang-banging your art in a public forum), wouldn’t it be more prudent to focus on the cruelty, or cowardice of anonymous posting, rather than put forth a nasty diatribe focused on justifying plot decisions? Such defensiveness might cause people to question the artist’s faith in their own art. The gauntlet Anne throws at the end of her rant, daring the “anonymous” posters to contact her directly via her personal email (which she provides), as well as to mail books to her home address (provides this too) for a full refund, seems mad for an author of her stature, causing me to wonder if the post was truly written by Anne.

P.S. Aspiring writers might find her response of interest, not for the defense itself, but for her passionate descriptions of channeling Lestat.

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The Corpse Bride

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow) are collaborating again immediately after Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, on an animated feature called The Corpse Bride just in time for Halloween 2005. In addition to Johnny, Burton employs the vocal talents of Helena Bonham Carter as the bride (eerily perfect casting since Helena looks like a beautiful walking corpse herself) as well as Christopher Lee (aka Saruman), Albert Finney, and Emily Watson.

“Set in a 19th century European village, this stop-motion, animated feature follows the story of Victor (Depp), a young man who is whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious Corpse Bride (Bonham-Carter), while his real bride, Victoria (Watson), waits bereft in the land of the living. Though life in the Land of the Dead proves to be a lot more colorful than his strict Victorian upbringing, Victor learns that there is nothing in this world, or the next, that can keep him away from his one true love. It’s a tale of optimism, romance and a very lively afterlife, told in classic Tim Burton style.”

[via countingdown]

Here’s a pic of the bride herself. I agree that she looks an awful lot like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas… Speaking of, it’s getting to be that time a year again. Kate, will you bring your DVD to NYC?

P.S… anyone headed to Deppcon this year. See you at the Hyatt.

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I missed the screening of Victory Tischler-Blue’s (Vicky Blue’s) documentary, Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways at the Don’t Knock The Rock Film Festival where we secretly screened AG:JB this past August. I’m real curious to see if it’s as brutally revealing as it claims to be. Sounds like these gals lived the music industry nightmare. Chewed up. Spit out.

After reading a few articles about Vicky’s excruciating battle to finish this film (seems like a common trend in music docs, now don’t it?), I’m pretty sure there’s no hope, ever, for a Runaways reunion.

The film finally has distribution. No theater run, but the DVD will be available January 2005. I’m so happy for Victory. Will omit from making pun here.

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