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The Corporation

Go buy this DVD right now and then pass it on to your friends.

Shocking. Enlightening. Inspiring. Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott take on the evils and insanity (literally) of the typical corporate business model in THE CORPORATION.

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Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine should be the first album to debut on the Billboard charts without ever having been released. Read more.

(Photo: Joe McNally)

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AK-Momo’sReturn To New York is my new favorite album that I haven’t heard.

“…you’ll undoubtedly love this new duo from sweden. their press references an astonishing list of artists (some of which actually do stand up): joanna newsom, goldfrapp, bjork, kate bush, portishead, and massive attack. much of the album uses vintage equipment, and they name check the optigan, mellotron and the orchestran. highly recommended.” [Fat Planet]

Listen to their track, Women To Control.


And, here’s my new favorite T-shirt. (Thanks for the heads-up, Achtung Baby.)


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We need to coin a phrase to describe this particularly frustrating conversational phenomenon:

I’m conversing with a group of people. I make a comment, which garners no response whatsoever, as if I never uttered a word. Immediately, one of the other conversers repeats what I just said verbatim, and the group responds as if it’s the most original thought they’ve ever heard.

This puzzles and annoys me.

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3.1.05 – A new way to find music

Heads up on the beta of a new music recommendation and search community called just launched by the brilliant visionaries Peter Adams, Dave Sabel and Matt Grosso. crawls P2P networks enabling you to search the digital music collections of hundred of thousands of music fans — that’s over 134,000 artists, folks — far surpassing the musical catalog provided by i-tunes and Amazon. The site offers free customized recommendations based on your musical preferences using the formula “if you like this, then you’ll like this.” For example, a recommendation search for Mirah yielded these artists:

Broken Social Scene
Belle and Sebastian
The Decemberists
Blonde Redhead
Cat Power
Azure Ray
The Books
Camera Obscura
Joanna Newsom
Rilo Kiley
The Polyphonic Spree
TV on the Radio
Françoise Hardy
Devendra Banhart

For those of you who don’t have time to hopscotch between album reviews and music blogs scavenging for new music recommendations, this is a pretty darn good list of artists worth checking out. If you’re a music fanatic who already scours all the music rags/blogs, just adjust upto11’s patented “popularity slider” to yield more obscure artist results, and let the scavenging begin. (Note: upto11 doesn’t yet have links to preview all 9 million songs in their database, so you may have to do a google search in another window for the artist’s website.)

Ususally, when I discover a new artist, I want to hear their most popular songs to determine the extent of my interest. So, for me, one of the most useful features of is the Top Song and Top Album information generated when you conduct an “artist” search. Example: when I discovered Trespassers William, I searched for their most listened to songs, clicked through to i-tunes, listened and loved.

Once you find artist that piques your curiosity, you can browse articles (via Wikipedia), review Top Song and Top Album lists, and preview/purchase songs and albums through iTunes, Amazon, MSN Music and If you’re too busy to spend time exploring, you can still benefit from the community by subscribing to the list of artists that other users discover and the song playlists that they create while using the site.

Take a quick tour of this revolutionary site here.

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