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Today I get to post about three of my favorite singers.

Goldfrapp finally launched their new website. Not sure if bird-woman astride white horse is the concept art for the album, but I love it. (If there’s such a thing as a soul-mate, there must be soul-bands too. Goldfrapp is mine.) Go listen to a snippet of their first single “Ohh la la” which PopJustice says is NOT the best song on the album, that we must suspend our disbelief because Supernature is the best album they’ve heard all year. “Not even the best pop album, although it obviously is. Just the best album period. It might even be perfect.”

Of course it’s perfect.

The transcendent Azim Ali, singer of Vas, has joined forces with grammy-nominated mixer/producer Carmen Rizzo and Loga Ramin Torkian of Axiom of Choice to form Niyaz. Listen here to Azim singing Urdu and Persian Sufi poetry over electronic beats and traditional Persian & Indian instruments. Gorgeous.

I finally found a nice, clean download Elizabeth Fraser’s only solo release to date in the sounds section of the fansite Only a few hundred copies of the song “Underwater” were released on vinyl. It’s a techno-y dance anthem perfect for Webster Hall circa 1992 with Liz’s careening vocals in the background. There are also downloads of some very old Fraser collaborations, “Roach,” (w/ BOM) “Omen” (w/ Orbital) and “Dutch Venus” (w/ The Bathers.) It’s time for a solo album Elizabeth. Pretty please.


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