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Treasure Hunting

Looking for art on ebay is becoming my favorite weekend pastime, a dangerous addiction in the making. I set the alarm for 5 AM this morning so I could debate bidding on this Dali lithograph of Don Quixote. I waited too long and somebody else swooped in and bested me. The art of ebay warfare.

I did, however, win an auction for this original etching, “Bird of Hope” which I purchased from self-representing artist, Alexandra Dvinitninova of St. Petersburg, Russia. It reminds me of The Shire:

I also won this “Ophelia” print; my newest addition to a very small collection of Shakespeare prints I’ve been steadily working on the past 10 years.

I was tricked by one of those ebay poster stores that scans artwork and enlarges. This poster by Art Nouvea designer Will Bradley arrived too pixelated to frame — unless I use frosted glass:

I discovered Katarina Vavrova via ebay whose subject matter is bizarre, but lovely:

And, not on ebay, but I found Cynthia von Buhler giclees available here . This one would make a great gift for me:

Lastly, Anne Bachelier recently illustrated The Tales Of Alice In Wonderland. CFM Gallery is pre-selling books with the opportunity to buy an original painting from the series:

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Super freak

“A lot of what I do is completely real. There are no tricks. It really is the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. And a lot of what I do is an illusion. It’s up to you to determine what is real and what is…illusion.”

Last night we indulged, breaking our summertime TV slump with a new guilty pleasure, A&E’s series Criss Angel: Mindfreak. If you haven’t seen the creepy promos, Angel is a gothed out metal-head “illusionist” whose seen The Crow one too many times, and claims to possess mind-over-matter supernatural abilities. One look into those solemn brown eyes and I want to believe him!

The show’s clincher is that he performs his magic using “volunteers” off the sidewalk in public places with no obvious place to conceal smoke and mirrors. Peter and I used our keen Tivo sleuthing abilities to examine each trick frame by frame and we postulate that most of Angel’s supernatural abilities are sleight of hand, camera edits and planted volunteers.

HOWEVER, Angel performed a series of levitations that had us totally spooked. He levitated himself on a mall escalator, in a bar, and several other public places in broad daylight. As if that wasn’t enough to challenge our Tivo detective skills, Angel proceeded to levitate two women, one in the middle of a park, and the other on a Vegas sidewalk. I became obsessed with finding an explanation, even cruised through some hardcore magic boards to read what debunkers might have to say, but nobody had an explanation for his levitations. Apparently, no magician has ever done something like this street-side without a stage. I put in a call to a friend of mind at A&E in hopes of getting the scoop.

I’m telling you, it was FREEEEEEEEEAKY.

Supernature is the word of the hour.


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The bottomless genius of Galliano.

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Siouxsie wins Mojo Icon Award, beating out other legends, Bowie, Bolan and The Ramones. Aug 22 her Dreamshow DVD can be yours:

Also on August 22, Supernature. Counting down the hours:

Five Stars.

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