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Peak Oil

ATTENTION California residents: Quickly send an email via Environment California to help pass the Million Solar Roofs Bill. This is a wonderfully progressive bill that has California leading our sleepwalking nation toward energy efficiency. It’ll only take 45 seconds of your time and they need your signatures before Friday.

So, Peter thinks I’m nuts, but I just joined the San Francisco Oil Awareness group. (Don’t let the naked picture of “Woody” on their page dissuade you from joining too. I’m sure he’s a lovely man concerned about the ramifications of Peak Oil.) Peter, you’re coming with me, and I’ll be recruiting others of you!

If you’re not entirely sure what Peak Oil is all about, or have never heard of it, Portland Peak Oil Group has a nice FAQ.

Or, you can terrify yourself by reading this Rolling Stone article, “The Long Emergency”.

There are new Peak Oil blogs popping up weekly. One of my favorites is Deconsumption. There’s also Peak Oil NYC for you city folk who think you’re exempt from what’s going on in the rest of the country.

Peak Oil sites sing the praises of this documentary, The End of Suburbia.

This book is a Peak Oil favorite, POWER DOWN: Options and Advice For a Post Carbon World

Listen to this song for another Peak Oil perspective.

Whether or not I buy into all the scary hype around Peak Oil, I do think we’re about to face the most serious energy crisis this world has ever faced in conjunction with another huge problem looming on the horizon – SUSTAINABILITY.

To quote an Amazon review of Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability:

“As ever more fisheries collapse, forests shrink, rangelands deteriorate, soils erode, species vanish, temperatures rise, rivers run dry, water tables fall, ozone depletion expands and polar ice caps melt across the globe, the single most important question humanity has faced resonates ever louder: How can we live sustainably?”

I joined the Oil Awareness group not only because they’re talking about Peak Oil, but because PO groups are mobilized to brainstorm about sustainability. The Peak Oil “alarmists” (who get a lot of flack from more “conservative” people) are creating awareness that’s dangerously overdue. It’s not about doom n’ gloom, it’s about preparation and creating alternative infrastructures – and quickly – because we will eventually get whacked upside the head with hard lessons about over-consumption, greed, and the careless pillaging of our planet’s resources.

Perhaps some rough schooling is just what we need. Aren’t pain and suffering the top two motivators for change?

To find an oil awareness in your area go here.

Best of luck to us all.

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I’m beginning to have doubts about The Chronicles of Narnia.
This isn’t working for me.

(See other photos via Ain’t It Cool News.)

The new website for The Corpse Bride launched yesterday. Impressive.

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San Fran World Film Festival

This past Thursday, AG: JB had a press screening at the Dolby Labs for the San Francisco World Film Festival. The Dolby headquarters on Potrero Avenue have a cushy screening room available to independent filmmakers in San Fran for FREE. Thanks to Karen Gabai for organizing the event for us. (We’ll be screening Amazing Grace at the SF World Festival September 30 and October 1.)

Here’s a doc at SFW Festival that we can’t wait to see. Ocean Odyssey documents director and musician, Paul Gilman, communicating with whales and dolphins using an electronic keyboard and Native American flute – they go CRAZY. Some of the most noted cetacean biologists have joined up with Gilman’s expeditions because he’s achieved the closest human contact with a pod of killer whales and captured the first underwater footage of orcas and dolphins together. The trailer will give you goose bumps.

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One Week To Goldfrapp

Just in case any of you Frappians were wondering why Goldfrapp chose that disco-apple as the loading icon for their website…

It’s clear disco will have a mini-revival. I suspected as much when I saw the faux album cover of Madonna’s Confessions On A Dancefloor circulating last week. Then, today, I read that Madge worked with producer Stuart Price to “create a brand new sound” that she’s calling *future disco.* Bah! Or, mayhap she’s been listening to Black Cherry, and keeping tabs on Supernature. How much you wanna bet that Madonna is piggy-backing on Goldie’s train?

Photo exhibit (1) taken in 2001. Photo exhibit (2) taken in 2002.

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Yet another musical…

“Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father: Prepare to Duet.”

More musical news, Disney is launching a Broadway version of Tarzan. The weird coincidence here is that I ordered two DVD versions of Tarzan last week. I don’t know what came over me, just decided that the Tarzan was one of the best stories ever, and I needed to have the movie(s).

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Will Grizzly trump the penguins?

We were hoping to catch Werner Herzog’s new documentary when it screened at the Seattle Film festival. It’s getting stellar reviews.

GRIZZLY MAN explores the life and gruesome death of amateur grizzly bear expert and wildlife preservationist Timothy Treadwell. The film is a powerful cautionary tale about modern man’s relationship to wild nature as it follows Treadwell’s journeys to Alaska, where he lived among the grizzlies and grew to love them. Treadwell’s crusade to defend the grizzlies tragically ended when he–and his girlfriend–were attacked and killed by a rogue grizzly in October 2003.” GRIZZLY MAN is a gripping and epic adventure story in the tradition of Jon Krakauer’s classic Into Thin Air and Into the Wild.”

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Sweet Release

Postsecret = blog as therapy.

Frank Warren, a forty-something father and businessman from Maryland, started the site as an art exhibit last year, and it’s growing into quite the little blogomenon. Gist: If you have a secret to tell, expel it with some artistic flare onto a postcard. Send it anonymously to Frank, and he will post it for the world to see.

Be sure to scroll through the lighter fare to find the one-sentence secrets that pack a hard punch. (Is that a tear in your eye?) Inspiring material for aspiring six word novelists.


Go now and read this short story by Dave Eggers: What Water Feels Like To The Fishes. His year of short stories at The Guardian is just about over. Read them all and let us laugh together.

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Howl’s Moving Castle

BRAVO Miyazaki!!!!!

What I love about Miyazaki is that I can never predict where his movies will go. Everything is a colorful, emotional, luscious surprise. I think this goes down as my favorite Miyazaki. I’m such a sucker for a good romance.

Note: More bird energy! Especially of the human/bird hybrid variety.


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