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New twist on old myths

Thanks to Achtung Baby for bringing this to my attention.

“Canongate Books, together with twenty-four great international publishing houses, is proud to announce a new series – The Myths…… The series launches on the 21st October and will be the most ambitious simultaneous world-wide publication ever undertaken. It also looks set to be THE major literary event of 2005….. From the outset the idea was to approach topclass writers from all over the world and invite them to retell any myth in any way they chose. And in turn their myths would be published all over the world. Already a wonderful array of writers have come on board, as have twenty-four superb publishers. The fact that each publisher is going to launch the series on the same day is, as far as we aware, unprecedented on such a scale.”

I LOVE THIS IDEA, and cannot wait to read Jeanette Winterson’s re-telling of the Atlas myth.

One of my favorite books is Till We Have Faces, the myth of Cupid and Psyche as retold by CS Lewis. I wonder if Faces inspired the idea for this series?

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This month’s Uncut magazine has a free CD of “songs inspired by Springsteen” in honor of the Born to Run 30th Anniversary reissue.

Kofis Hat posts mp3’s of a few tracks like Tom Russell’s cover of “I’m On Fire” and the Cowboy Junkies’ cover of “You’re Missing.”

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