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My favorite Canadian slice of Americana

New Music Tip Sheet posts the EPK for Neko Case’s March 2006 release, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, an album inspired by grim Eastern European folktales.

“This record I just made is about losing your faith in every possible way, which seems, to me, the most American feeling there is these days.”

Neko is sad.

It’s OK, Neko.

Go here and listen to “Favorite” from Tigers Have Spoken. Go on.

(Photo: Dominic Episcopo)

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Wintery Mix

This gray, rainy morning, which qualifies as a “winter storm” out here in the valley, I’m feeling nostalgic for a good old fashioned snowstorm like the gorgeousness pictured above. I pulled this photo off a few years ago. It’s one of those photos I’ve never forgotten because it left a story in my head. Hope the photographer doesn’t mind me posting it. (If Mr. Gourlanov’s out there, I wouldn’t mind purchasing a print.) Can’t recall where it was taken. Moscow? Krakow? Don’t think the photographer used any filters or photoshop effects. In fact, I’m pretty sure he used an antique camera… or else I’m romanticizing the mysterious Mr. Gourlanov and why he’s following the woman in the chic fur coat.

Photo soundtrack:

“Utopia (Mick Harvey remix)” by Goldfrapp
“Time Out From The World” by Goldfrapp [via chrominance]
“Run” by Air [via poptext]
“Teardrop” by Massive Attack w/ Liz Fraser [via *tmwsiy]
“Precious” by Depeche Mode [via motel de moka]
“Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Stars [via fastbacker]
*“Pain That I’m Used To (Goldfrapp remix)” by Depeche Mode. I’d include this, but can’t find an mp3

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Coppola’s Antoinette

Watch the trailer for Coppola’s Marie Antoinette with Dunst and Schwartzman.

Love it.

“Age of Consent” by New Order works for me… I like mixing my chocolate and peanut butter. Hope Sofia can pull off what A Knight’s Tale could not. Tricky formula mixing modern music with historical material, but if she uses rock/pop/punk classics and has made a historical piece with a modern twist…. perhaps… just maybe… this could work.

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