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Sunday Nite Videos, the totally addictive community video webblog – as well as the screening room at – are both keeping my renewed romance with music videos alive.

Watch “Nice Day”, infectious tune by Persephone’s Bees. The nifty animation is the perfect accompaniment to their groovy mix of French pop and San Fran psychadelia. Angelina’s staccato sing-speak reminds me of Debbie Diamond, singer of The Januaries (remember them?) SF Weekly writes: Angelina Moysov trills through lines… in a distinctive Russian parlance that is part Brigitte Bardot coquetry and part Nina Hagen lunacy. (Their album, House of Tudor, is out April 2006.) Listen to more PB’s on myspace.

The Duke Spirit’s old video for “Cuts Across The Land” gets a music video make-over. There’s something Blondie-esque about this video, and it’s not just Liela’s blonde bangs.

Ladytron’s bizarre winter fantasy for “Destroy Everything You Touch”.

More good stuff:

This video for Pier Bucci’s “La Nuit” was made in somebody’s backyard with a flashlight, flowers, a snail, a frog and a horse. It’s brilliant.

LOVE the new one for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Gold Lion”

New Concretes’ video is neat-o.

This one for Magnet’s seductive cover (w/ Gemma Hayes) of “Lay Lady Lay” finally got me a good look at the man himself.

Micah P. Hinson covers Jeff Buckley’s “Yard of Blonde Girls”. The kitchen-made animation is cute… I actually really like this cover, it’s got a keep-those-doggies-rollin flavor. (This is one of my favorite songs by Jeff – so gritty and sexy.)

Anton Corbijn directed this video for “Suffer Well” from Depeche Mode’s Playing The Angel. It’s the best track off the album.

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On the DIY

Some good news: Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley won Best Documentary -and – Best Film at the DIY Film Festival in LA! Lemme tell you, D.I.Y. music licensing is no F.U.N. – so the DIY stamp of approval is especially satisfying… also because the indie spirit of this film is a big part of its overall message. Thank you to Rich Martini and the DIY judges!

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Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions

My heart is a-thumpin’ over these two songs from Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Listen to Star Witness via Anti-Records and The Rich Girls Are Weeping is easily the best f’n music blog in ye olde blogosphere. Question: if a girl gets your musical tastes down to the hemstitch, does that mean something cosmic? (KT, check out the Deep Dish mix of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, you’ll be spinning round on your little white roller skates.)

I posted about The Howling Bells awhile back. Been anticipating their “debut” album Wishing Stone with high hopes (they used to be the band Waikiki). The title track is now playing on The Bells’ website where there’s also a sharp music video for “Low Happening,” a song just snapped up by The O.C. (You can hear it on myspace page too.) Can’t find a definitive US release date but did discover The Bells were picked up by one of my favorite labels, Bella Union.

Another Bella Union band that’re well worth a listen are the dreamy, weepy Devics.

This blog posts “City Lights” and “Salty Seas” from their new album, Push The Heart (March 7). Such loveliness.

Yet another dream-weeper, Trespassers William has a new album out Feb 28. (I played “Alone” off their last album a few hundred times.) According to their website, Having was mixed by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mogwai, Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse, Low), making me doubly curious to hear TW’s evolution. I’m a little underwhelmed by their new song, Safe Sound, but mostly because Anna-Lynne sounds like she’s singing underwater (Imogen Heap has certainly popularized that gate effect.)

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Adriana Czernin

Ms. Czernin’s luscious drawing is on the cover of the latest issue of artkrush.

A Bulgarian artist who lives in Vienna, Czernin makes performative videos, large-format drawings of herself in ornate, claustrophobic settings, and — more recently — installations of floral-patterned motifs.

Another Czernin here.

(KOS, I’d like to *wallpaper* using her drawings.)

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Amazing Grace @ DIY

In celebration of the DIY ethic, we’ll be screening Amazing Grace at the DIY Convention (Do It Yourself In Film, Music and Books) this Friday in LA.

Juicy details here.

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Paris. 2054. Noir. Sci-Fi.

Screen shots from Renaissance, a SPECTACULAR looking French Sci-Fi animation flick that’s set in Paris 2054. (Don’t the faces have some Patrick Nagel flavor?) Watch the trailer on the website. Dialogue’s in French, but it’s translated by a commenter on Twitch.

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Cult Synergy!

If I were a band, I’d be The Cult.

Is it weird that I’ve mentioned Ian Astbury a couple of times in the past week, and just got an email that informs THE CULT has risen again and will be playing The Fillmore in March?!!

Refresh your memory of The Cult’s rock n’ roll glory by watching these teensy tiny versions of vintage Cult videos, starting with Ian rocking the pirate chic in She Sells Sanctuary. Other than Dwight Yoakam, nobody but nobody can shimmy and strut around the stage better than Ian. His moves are so smooth, sometimes it’s like he’s wearing skates. And, I’ve always loved how he adds that Native American pow-wow vibe.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that when her son’s old enough, she’ll explain that if he can dance and ride a horse he’ll get any woman he wants.

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