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Slow Motion Addict

roundviper.jpg The female embodiment of Led Zeppelin, Carina Round, is back with the follow-up to her phenomenal album, The Disconnection. Her new one, Slow Motion Addict, is out May 23. Listen to the single “How Many Times” here. She’s playing a bunch of shows in NYC next week and then to SXSW where you can find me stageside. (Fiery rock goddess photo by Oliver James taken at The Viper Room where Carina threw her shoe at Jack Nicholson, the flirt.)

So, you want to know the biggest clusterf*ck of the century? I have to choose between Goldfrapp and Neko Case at SXSW because both are playing on the same night at the same time. I mean, c’mon, out of 1300 bands, I can’t have my top two gals playing at least an hour apart?! The music gods, they are not smiling down upon me.

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