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{photographer} Eugenio Recuenco

Enter the world of Spanish fashion photographer Eugenio Recuenco. I spent a few hours combing through his archives and am smitten with his work. The fantastical worlds he evokes are astonishing. (Even more impressive, I think he does much of his own art direction.) Each spread tells a story, like this fashionable recreation of popular fairy tales. Here are a few more of my favorites.





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Traveling City

I’m loving this slow exposure technique Peter used for some of his shots taken in Rome. There’s something about this photo that puts me in a childlike place – I feel giddy when I look at it. Makes me think of fairy tale cities… Peter Pan in flight… multi-dimensional realities… just MAGICAL.

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Word on the virtual street is that this Irish company, Steorn, has developed a technology that produces free, clean, constant energy. They’ve issued an all expenses paid challenge to scientists around the world to test their technology and validate their claim.

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{artist} Chris Natrop




Thank you to Lena Corwin for introducing me to the phenomenal paper sculptures of Chris Natrop (go visit the website for more amazing pieces.) His use of color, light and shadow is spectacular. Listing the above in order, Landscape blossom pop, Fern space burst and Black black butterfly sparkle bomb. Even the names of his pieces are genius.

Chris has an exhibition at The Sonoma County Museum through September 3, which I’d love to see if anybody wants to trek up there with me.

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I smell Fall




Photographer: Yanick Dery

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Gazelle. Gazelles.

One of my favorite trends as of late are animals (and trees) incorporated into design. Horses and antlered deer were big. Then birds, and now I’m seeing gazelles (owls and bulls too.) Design*sponge wrote an enticing post about her findings at the 2006 Gift Fair including these gorgeous gazelle heads from Jonathan Adler. I want.
Today, Design*sponge posted about another cool gazelle find – Another Shade of Grey – who sells original “shades of art.” Their lampshade patterns are designed by hand using permanent ink and graphite. I just bought the last pair of gazelle shades (not the base.)
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Stranger Than Fiction

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Dispatch from Rome

This just in:

© 2006 Peter Adams

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Inspired by Alice Stevenson.


[design sponge via printpattern]

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Pietro ha andato per Roma

and I am still here. I’ll be posting some of his photos as he emails them.

I’ve no idea who took this photo. I found it here. It was taken from inside the Vittorio Emanuelle (the big monument Italians call “the birthday cake”) at the end of Via del Corso.

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