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Peter took this stunning photo in 1994 from the top of the Arc d’ Triumph with his grandfather’s Rollei and only recently printed it as part of a digital printing workshop. Doesn’t it look like a silver gelatin print?? The class inspired his full-on immersion into digital photography, which he writes about here. (Not for the digital neophyte!)

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{blog} The Sartorialist

Inspiring me to dress better is The Sartorialist, a unisex fashion blog that is now one of my daily scans. I’m totally addicted! Surprising, since I’ve not cared one wit about fashion since leaving NYC (where one dresses better simply through osmosis.) The Sartorialist is better than a fashion mag because I can see cutting edge as worn on the street. Better yet, most of it is age appropriate (yeah, “age appropriate” has recently entered my fashion repertoire)… and it makes me feel more connected to the city.

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Father Axl

I got a side-splitting recap of the Gn’R/Sebastian Bach concert at the Warfield last week from my friend Michelle – my favorite part being Axl’s parental attitude toward kids getting rowdy in the mosh pit… and then this morning, Idolator posts a video of Axl’s Warfield rant (starts at 2:28.) Note how throughout Axl’s scolding the guitarist underscores it with a nice little Sweet Child O’ Mine riff.

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Must See TV

Fans of The Office, do not miss deleted scenes from this week’s premiere! Just as hilarious as the real thing.

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Printmaking: black & white monotype

I started my printmaking class this week. The class explores several printmaking techniques, the first being black & white monotype. I wish I’d seen some examples of how this medium works best before the class (see examples of prints below.) Monotype is more about impressions, shapes and texture rather than fine detail. Needless to say, my print was not a keeper.

(Cheryldine Begay)


(Bill Jacklin)

(Bill Jacklin)

So, with monotype, you’re basically coating a piece of plastic with black ink and wiping away the ink with a cloth or q-tip and/or scratching texture with a chopstick. You can also use oil (i think) to create the splattered effect you see in the rainstorm print above. The process is especially difficult (for me) because one has to think in terms of negative space – it’s a subractive process. Unless you want your figures/objects to appear white with a black background (like the trees above), you have to wipe away the background in such a way that your figures emerge.

P.S. One great thing about this printmaking course is that it’s non-toxic. They use oil & vinegar to clean up.

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Paris Je T’aime

Beautiful posters for the movie Paris Je T’aime. The film consists of eighteen five-minute arrondissements, each directed by a different director, all love stories in Paris. Incredible cast and directors. Details. Trailer.



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Back after an unintended blogging hiatus.

This morning, I found this link to Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech on a cool blog called Make It. I’ve been thinking about Jobs advice all day (“stay hungry, stay foolish”) and the role foolishness plays in the pursuit of dreams once you rack up a certain level of experience and no longer have naivety going for you…

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