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Happy Halloween

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Dancing in the Dark

Tegan & Sara cover Bruce:

[via Achtung Baby!]

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(Vogue, Nov. 2006.)

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Screenprint by Emily Nachison  (via design*sponge)

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A friend recently asked me for my top five books of all time and Suskind’s Perfume was one of them. I already posted about the Tom Twyker adaptation awhile back, and now the international trailer’s been released. Gorgeous poster too.

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California: No on Proposition 90

I’m sending this letter to every CA resident I know, and you should too:

Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

“We had no idea.”

You’re going to hear that a lot if Proposition 90 passes next month. Millions
of people are going to wake up the morning after Election Day and wish they’d
read the fine print.

Please don’t be one of them.

Prop 90 is the single most dangerous threat that has ever been leveled at our
state’s environment. As a native and long-time resident of California, I don’t
say that lightly.

Prop 90 will make it virtually impossible for our state and local governments
to do their job of protecting the wildlife, wild lands and other natural
resources that make California the special place that it is.

The way Prop 90 works is simple. Anytime our government wants to protect some
vestige of open space or save an old growth forest or restrict offshore oil
drilling, Prop 90 would empower hordes of people to sue the government and
collect compensation if they feel their properties or businesses have been

If Prop 90 is enacted, environmental protection will grind to a halt, because
we the taxpayers will be unable to afford the billions and billions in payouts.
And guess what? Paralyzing government is exactly what Prop 90 aims to do.

This cynical ploy is so insidious — and yet potentially popular — because
it’s masquerading as a law that will protect our homes and businesses from
government seizure under the power of eminent domain.

Well, I’ll be first in line to defend private property and protest government
seizure. But not if the “cure” is a hundred times worse than the disease!

Prop 90 is nothing but a stalking horse for a group of out-of-state, anti-
government extremists who would impoverish Californians both environmentally
and financially.

Don’t wake up the morning after Election Day and wish you’d read the fine
print. Read it now at

And make sure your friends, family and colleagues in California read it, too.
Please forward them this email right now.

NRDC has joined with a broad coalition of citizen groups who are fighting hard
to turn back this unprecedented attack on our environment. (You can see the
full list of opponents at

Please do your part by spreading the word to everyone you know. Tell them to
vote “No on 90” on Election Day.


Robert Redford

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Land of Enchantment

Just back from my first trip to Santa Fe and Taos. The light!




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For Your Consideration

Been waiting for the trailer of Christopher Guest’s next mockumentary forever.

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LOST premiere

Thought-provoking thoughts from EW’s J. Jensen’s commentary on LOST:

This is something I wrote to a friend in an e-mail right after seeing the episode: ”The obsessive pursuit for answers, for so-called TRUTH, is often undertaken by a seeker who, ironically, is assiduously avoiding/denying hard, painful truths about him/herself. In fact, said seeker may be looking for external answers that will get him off the hook of addressing internal answers. This is Jack. This is me. This is EVERYONE.”

And while I’m being ridiculously, embarrassingly, pathetically high-minded, this is something I found in a book called Massive Change that I read the same night that I watched the premiere:

”Most of the time, we live our lives within invisible systems, blissfully unaware of the artificial life, the intensely designed infrastructures that support them. Accidents, disasters, crises — [when] systems fail we become temporarily conscious of the extraordinary force and power of design, and the effects that it generates. Every accident provides a brief moment of awareness of real life, what is actually happening, and our dependence on the underlying systems of design. Every plane crash is a rupture, a shock to the system, precisely because our experience of flight is so carefully designed away from the reality of the event. As we sip champagne, read the morning paper, and settle in before takeoff, we choose not to experience the torque, the thrust, the speed, the altitude, the temperature, the thousands of pounds of explosive jet fuels cradled beneath us, the infinite complexity of onboard systems, and the very real risks and dangers of takeoff and landing.”

What does this all mean? I don’t know. Yet.

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