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{artist} Cecilia Carlstedt


Fashion illustrator found at Love Made Visible.

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The Magic Position


Pitchfork has some beautiful images of Patrick Wolf on tour for his new album, The Magic Position, one of the releases I was most looking forward to this year. Listen to the bombastic happiness of the title track, “The Magic Position” here and the symphonic beauty of “Overture” here. Patrick looks like Peter Pan, but sounds like a roguish highwayman. I could just eat him up.

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Horse head shaped reflection nebula.


Can’t remember what this one’s called, but it kinda looks like a sorceress (see the little face and the hair blowing back?)


The fiery eye.

(Taken from NASA’s astronomy pic of the day.)

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Office Art


I’m tempted. You know, for the bathroom or something.

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History’s Mysteries

Ponder the 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts.

[via The Lagavulin Archive]

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Destination: Budapest




Dream destination to add to the list: Gresham Palace in Budapest (recently renovated into a Four Seasons Hotel.) You wouldn’t even need to leave the building, just wander the hallways marveling at the Art Nouveau architecture.

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mix tape

My FineTunes mix. Scroll over the right edge of the album cover to ffwd>>, the left side to rewind>>. Pretty slick.

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le faune


In light of just seeing Pan’s Labyrinth, I had to post this fantastical plant sculpture by Janine Janet discovered by the lovely design&dna – skip over to her blog to see an extra large photo of this piece. (For those who’ve seen the movie, isn’t this a neat combo of il fauno and the mandrake root baby?? Except I think this sculpture might be made of birch.) I’m tempted to order this book sight unseen because I gotta see more of Janet’s amazing sculptures.

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Mr. Toad, I presume?


Mr. Bear and Mr. Toad at my library. I want to go inside.

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Photo Journal

Inspired by blipfoto, Peter started a Daily Photo Journal that’s more of a Weekly Photo Journal, but I’ll take what I can get. Check out pics from a coastal drive this weekend on his blog.

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