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{photographer} Jose Maria Cuellar

Also found on sfgirlbybay, Jose Cuellar’s must-see Flickr page. Photo buffs will want to peruse Jose’s favorite Flckr groups under his profile page. (Hope this motivates Peter to put together a Flickr page!)

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tree lights

How about some lanterns hanging from tree branches in your living room? Cobweb nightmare, but enchanting at night. Design Photo by Andrea Morini. Design by Lucio Romero at Prototype Zero. Found on the lovely sfgirlbybay.

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the golden compass

The first look.


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In under 24 hours, we ate our way through the city hitting up our favorite Middle Eastern joint Moustache (where, six years later, they still welcome us like old neighborhood regulars), Magnolia Bakery, Mayrose, Jules and Max Brenner — if you’re a hot chocolate aficionado, order their Venezuelan dark hot chocolate, thick and chocolaty, but not too sweet (Broadway b/t 13 & 14.) Unfortunately, I screwed up the transfer of a photojournalistic project wherein Laurie and I chronicled the most hideous handbags on the planet as we made our way through Century 21. We also had a good sighting: Tim Gunn rushing by on 11th, beet red, wearing his make-it-work face.

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Twilight on 5th.

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{artist} Klaus Haapaniemi


The Taika dinnerware designed for Iittala by Finnish illustrator Klaus Haapaniemi is too lovely for eating. (Thanks to Style Files for pointing this out.) Sadly, the Finnish Design Shop does not yet ship to the US and I don’t know where else they can be found.

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The perfect reading nook. [from decor8]

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Trailer/promo thingy for the movie based on Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel, Stardust.

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“Remind me never to do another documentary. It’s just so much work — so much editing. You spend your whole life in postproduction. It’s all about the editing. I know so many documentary filmmakers and it’s like, ‘Man, they’ve been working on that thing for five years.’ Now I know why.” – Richard Linklater

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Margaret’s Rose

“La Mort Parfumee” (Perfumed Death)

(Clothing label for Sheenore Fabrics)

I’ve been enamored with Margaret Macdonald’s work since I discovered a box of stationary based on some of her designs many years ago. In particular, I’m drawn to her rose patterns, and play around with simplistic versions of her roses in my own crafty projects. I thought I’d seen all of Margaret’s work until I found this comprehensive collection of her pieces, many of which are multi-media panel installations using gesso plaster, glass beads and shells. From pieces like this, you can really see how she influenced Klimt.

Print & Pattern recently posted a new wallpaper design by Graham & Brown called “MacKintosh Rose” – even though it’s based more on Margaret’s rose patterns than those of her famous husband, Charles Mackintosh. I like the geometry, giving it a modern twist. If I wasn’t so adverse to the toxicity of wallpaper vinyl and ink, I’d paper a wall or two. (Although, I’d rather it red with iridescent gold like the wallpaper from Amelie’s Parisian bedroom.)

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