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{Photographer} Maditi


Maditi’s photos make my heart go thump. Their deceptive simplicity is inspiring. The saturation and soft, filmy light are dreamlike. (She shoots with Polaroid and Holga cameras.) See more gorgeous photos on her website, blog and/or Flckr.

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oh my cavalier


Etsy has become a treasure trove of affordable, quality art. One of my favorite artists, oh my cavalier, is Etsy’s featured seller today. This is one of two prints I ordered a few months back – adds a little whimsy to my stuffier print collection. *Cavalier also has a blog. (UPDATE: this blog actually belongs to Happy Cavalier, a different Cavalier than Oh My Cavalier, but still a great blog!)

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Documenting the garden!

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City of the Immortals

Go to BLDGBLOG for more about Michelle Lord’s project, the “City of the Immortals,” inspired by a Jorge Luis Borges short story (where a lone character explores a mythical Roman city.) Larger photos on BLDGBLOG Flickr.

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Into The Wild

Remember John Kraukaur’s spellbinding book, Into The Wild? I still recall Chris McCandless’ (aka Alex Supertramp’s) credo: “Don’t own more than you can carry on your back at a dead run.” That quote lodged itself like a burr in my brain, and still pricks when I get wrapped up in wanting too much “stuff.” Alex was my first exposure to the idea of voluntary simplicity (although, his version was way extreme!) Watch the trailer for the movie adaptation. Sean Penn wrote the screenplay and directed. Eddie Vedder made the soundtrack.

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wild things

First look at Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers’ Where The Wild Things Are:


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Women in Art

This is wild. Watch their eyes.
(Thanks for sending, KOS.)

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Michael G. Magin

DeviantART has some decent photography, and I didn’t realize they have a shop where prints can be ordered on the cheap.

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Verde Rocks

Sustain. Or Die. A great tagline for Verde Rocks, a line of sustainable and ethical jewelery and accessories created by designer Gwen Davis, using a production process she calls Nouveau Vintage. I very rarely buy jewelery, but when I do, I usually lust for pieces with an antique feel. Especially, pieces inspired by nouveau lines like these gorgeous cuffs (which aren’t too over the top that they can’t be worn with just about anything.) That first cuff, Olympia, reminds of something Circe would wear. A splurge, but since I buy jewelry so rarely…


*Discovered via the wonderful Ecofabulous.

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Bat for Lashes

This Bat For Lashes video for “What’s a Girl To Do” is compulsively watchable. “It’s like the best part of Donnie Darko, only with choreographed bike ballet or something.” – No Good For Me

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