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Latest Etsy crush: Moonswallow. Somewhere between Story People and Anne Bachelier. (I found her while looking for bulls on Etsy.)


Through fragrant limbs
I wander
and wait
within her wooded walls
for the resonance
to fill me
like a gong
resounding dreamings
drawn from the Earth
with roots
diving deep
into her being



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big mama


The most detailed photos of Earth ever taken.

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The Veils

Finn Andrews of The Veils covers Springsteen’s legendary State Trooper, and succeeds in channeling the necessary amount of angst and desperation. I’ve been hankering to see this guy live ever since their album, The Runaway Found, bewitched me. Their latest release, Nux Vomica, could end up one of my top ten albums of the year – really solid gothic Americana electrified by Finn’s hot-blooded vocals and apocalyptic lyrics. We had tickets to see them in the city, but bailed last minute because, apparently, we’re wusses who can’t hack a midnight show on a school night.


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half moon bay


Sunday’s lonely beach.

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The Colors Are Off This Season


(by Sarah Hannah)

I don’t want any more of this mumble—
Orange fireside hues,
Fading sun, autumnal tumble,
Stricken, inimitable—Rose.

I want Pink, unthinking, true.
Foam pink, cream and coddle,
Miniskirt, Lolita, pompom, tutu,
Milkshake. Pink without the mottle

Or the dying fall. Pink adored, a thrall
So pale it’s practically white.
A tinted room beneath a gable—
Ice pink, powder, feather-light—

Untried corner of the treble.
I want the lift, not the lower.
Bloodless pink stalled at girl,
No weight, no care, no hour.

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{artists} Cai Guo-Qiang


I can’t believe this is the first time I’m hearing about Chinese artist, Guo-Qiang – known for his large installations and explosion/pyrotechnic projects. (The wolves are replicas.) More slides of his mind-blowing installations here and on his website. [thanks to KOS for sending]

“Concept: With few wolves scattered in the front gallery, all ninety-nine wolves run, gallop, and jump toward the far end of the exhibition hall, where a wall stands. The bravery of the wolves is met head on by the unyielding wall. As the leading wolves go down, many more follow with force and determination. As those in the front fall and pile up, those behind take up their positions.”

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feather chic


(via FotoDecadent)

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This joins the laughing babies as medicinal YouTube when I need a pick-me-up. (Remember this from the Planet Earth series?)

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11th Hour

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death stars


The night sky over one of the darkest places on earth: Death Valley, CA. Go here for the full 360 degree view, a composite of 30 photos.

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