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cool poster


Maybe this design has been done before, but if so I’ve never seen it and think it’s brilliant. Thanks to the wonderful emmas designblogg for the info on these posters designed by Matt Willey. Best part, proceeds go to Rainforest Action Network. Although I wonder how many trees died to make this poster. Hm? It’s also a great reminder to BREATHE. (For sale at Blanka.)

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The Boss



Best album cover since Darkness On The Edge Of Town. Can’t believe we have to settle for tix in Oakland. Blah. The crowds out here in Cali are nuthin’ compared to the frenzy of Jersey and NYC, but I’ll take what I can get.

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Everywhere I look, I’ve been coming across these Roman helmets (in the weirdest places!) Here’s a pretty cool site on Roman military equipment with excellent pics. I have to look into the history of the helmet with the ridge or plume along the top for potential meanings/symbolism (?) I think these were used more for peacocking than battle.

*design above by Joel Lardner for Wired.

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{photographer} paolo roversi


Taken by one of my favorite fashion photographers, Paolo Roversi. He always manages to imbue his photos with a soft, ethereal, ghostly quality. Check out this spread (from the Sept 07 Italian Vogue) in fotodecadent. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on his book, Paolo Roversi: Studio, but it was a limited release and now it’s selling for over a thousand bucks.

*KOS, some ideas for that future photo session with prom dresses from salvation army ;)

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Sustainable reading: for every book you read plant a tree in a developing country. (Love this idea found on GlamSpirit.)


*Photo from National Geographic Photo Store.

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radio nowhere

Bruce and E-Street, the perfect remedy for the angst I’m feeling today. Magic, Oct. 2!


Inhaling 9/11

Anybody living and breathing within 20 miles of the WTC on 9/11 should read this article on BLDBLOG.

As my doctor put it: “You are a living lab experiment. The entire island and surrounding areas are a living lab experiment.” We were living near Houston Street when the buildings fell. The windows of our apartment were covered in dust, and the stench was unbearable. Reading the above, I’m grateful that I was paranoid enough about air quality to immediately rent a car, and leave the following morning. I’m also grateful that we’d been planning our move to California at the end of Oct (despite living in NYC for another month after 9/11.) HOWEVER, if it had not been for the trusty EPA declaring that air and water quality were “safe,” we probably would not have gone back to NYC. I would’ve holed up at my parents’ and not spent our last month breathing NYC air and drinking the water.

I don’t know who to be angry with – it’s not like they were going to evacuate the entire island of Manhattan – but they should have been honest with the public. No matter the outcome. People had a right to get the hell out of Dodge. No matter what that meant for NYC’s economy or whatever fueled their decision to *keep the peace.*

What boils my blood more than anything is that the EPA did not enforce MANDATORY gas masks for all rescue workers. I can understand that with the initial chaos it was difficult to dole out, and fit gas masks properly, but by day three, gas masks should’ve been nonnegotiable. Pure common sense dictated the air was swimming with carcinogens, i.e. the twin towers were a well-known asbestos hazard. It’s unpardonable. But, what to do? Who to blame? The damage is done. I hope a lesson has been learned. If there’s ever an environmental disaster in your neck of the woods, use common sense, follow your instincts and take your health into your own hands.

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the golden age


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The Black Riders

(by Cesar Vallejo)

There are blows in life so violent – I can’t answer!
Blows as if from the hatred of God; as if before them,
the deep waters of everything lived through
were backed up in the soul… I can’t answer!

Not many; but they exist… They open dark ravines
in the most ferocious face and in the most bull-like back.
Perhaps they are the horses of that heathen Attila,
or the black riders sent to us by Death.

They are the slips backward made by the Christs of the soul,
away from some holy faith that is sneered at by Events.
These blows that are bloody are the crackling sounds
from some bread that burns at the oven door.

And man…poor man!… poor man! He swings his eyes, as
when a man behind us calls us by clapping his hands;
swings his crazy eyes, and everything alive
is backed up, like a pool of guilt, in that glance.

There are blows in life so violent… I can’t answer!

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Whoa. (astronomy pic of the day.)

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