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sculptural home


Phantasmagoric. It’s as if it were built by Hobbits on acid.

Hat tip: Apartment Therapy

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arC of the convenant


I haven’t been able to get this image out of my head – it’s a visual representation of the Bible’s cross references. There’s some serious symmetry here.

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visual alchemy

Gleaning some collage inspiration from the chaotic beauty of dou_ble_you on Flickr.

A couple nights ago, a friend and I sat down at my coffee table with some chocolate covered goji berries (new addiction) and tore apart magazines, art books and catalogs looking for images to inspire some collage-like creations. It’s been a long time since I fanned the flames of collage inspiration (other than timed group exercises in one of my various ‘creative circles,’ where I feel rushed and afraid of glue commitment!) I need to make more time in my life for this kind of exploration. I’d forgotten the thrill of treasure hunting for tantalizing images that when layered together create a magical visual alchemy. The next morning while brewing my morning tea, I felt particularly bright-eyed and motivated, forgotten creative intentions were primary in my mind. At first I didn’t make the connection, but then realized that the previous night’s creative session probably exercised the half of my brain that I’ve been neglecting… which reminded me of this spinning dancer a friend emailed me a couple months ago. Supposedly, if you see her spinning clockwise, you are primarily right brain (if she spins counter clockwise you are left brained.) The morning after my collage session, she was changing directions every time I closed my eyes. Interesting! See if you can get her to change direction.

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advice to sink in slowly


Those with a poster fetish like me should click through Advice to sink in slowly, a series of posters designed by graduates of University College Falmouth for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to first year students. (Discovered on The Daily Dish.) Temujin Doran’s poster above was an eye-catcher, even if I don’t quite understand how it relates to the advice (?) or why a ship would be sailing a sea of yarn (or spaghetti.) No matter, I like his style. More of Temujin’s charming ink illustrations here. He’s Edward Goreyesque minus the macabre, but with plenty of mutton chops and Abe Lincoln tall hats and a pretty lil’ moth…



polite umbrella

The inventor of the Pillowig brings us Polite Umbrella. Yes, this umbrella would make miserable rainy weeks like this one more tolerable because I’d bust my gut laughing every time I used the thing. Thanks to Petunia Face for introducing me to the mind of Joo Youn Paek!

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{photographer} Zena Holloway


Some of Zena’s fantasy/fashion underwater photography is stunning. Thanks to All Things Bright and Beautiful for the discovery.


(Love this tiny mermaid.)

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{artist} ophelia chong


Divine! Behold the color, rhythm and flow of Ophelia’s collages. She also blogs, writes short stories, takes photos and pretty much blows my mind with her unique aesthetic. Sometimes inspiration is electric.

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antoinette rocks the boat

This is pretty fantastic. (You know I have an obsession for ship chapeaux.) More of Tartx’s illuminated assemblages here.

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I’ve come across Tauba Auerbach’s dangerous and sexy letterforms a few times, but their modern gothic beauty didn’t fully register until I saw them again on Rag & Bone today. If I were to get a tattoo…

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my heart wanders

Pia Jane Bijkerk has a beautiful idea for a collaborative photo book and is asking for submissions. Go over to her blog and read about my heart wanders, a project where she will be compiling “a collection of subtle hearts in special spaces.” (Can you spot the heart above?) Details here and here. Anyone can submit a photo for consideration! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for subtle heart shapes as I move about in the world…

(Photo credit: Maria Stigjer)

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