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For my fellow bibliophiles and book collectors: 30 of the most creative bookshelves designs. I’ve always wanted to arrange my books by color, but they’d be a bitch to find.

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I park like an idiot. I want them. I will use them. And, the first sticker goes to…. well, you know who you are. (Even though you are parking challenged, I love you dearly.)

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the nook


The soothing, earthy palette of this room reminded me of the Swedish ‘kitchen angel’ that belonged to my grandmother, one of my prized possessions. I can’t remember where I found this particular pic (sorry!), but may steal this idea for the reading/meditation nook I want to carve out of our loft space (totally wasted on storage.) I need a serene place like this to plop down with a good book and relaxing music, or just to lay back and watch the clouds drift past. Laziness is my specialty, so why not a designated place for it?

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Neil Gaiman’s Coraline directed by Henry Selick.

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watching the detectives


… or library chic.

(dress by Erica Toogood on Cup of Jo and coat by Rag & Bone on Fashionologie.)

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this is disturbing

Police concerned about order to stop weapons screening at Obama rally

Several Dallas police officers said it worried them that the arena was packed with people who got in without even a cursory inspection.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because, they said, the order was made by federal officials who were in charge of security at the event.

“How can you not be concerned in this day and age,” said one policeman.

I’m hoping a satisfactory explanation is revealed for why something like this was allowed to happen.

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Etsy featured this sweet little nest on their homepage today. It was crafted using native grasses, handmade paper, moss and grapevines. The eggs are beach stones. Of all the nests I’ve seen in various shops, this is by far the most wild and lovely. Grace Art and Antiques on etsy has a few different versions of these nests for sale.

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finca bellavista


Co-treehousing. I’m in.

[found on inhabitat]

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black dog

This is one helluva sexy cover. Not bad for an old dude! Alison and Robert’s chemistry is palpable, and you can tell they’re having so much fun. Raising Sand was one of my most-listened to albums of 2007 (this cover isn’t on it.) As one person wrote in the youtube comments, ‘I hope they continue recording together for the rest of their lives.’

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We went to the beach this past weekend and the mist and sun combined to create this beautiful silvery sheen over the sky, waves and sand. This doesn’t quite capture it, but almost.

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