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vogue paris


Cover by The Sartorialist. Oolala.

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{artist} andy goldsworthy


Go to design?dna to see more pieces by Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish environmentalist, artist and photographer who ‘collaborates with nature’ to create ephemeral works of land art as well as permanent sculptures. What a beautiful, sustainable artistic philosophy! Some of his pieces (especially the more fragile, transient ones) touch something primal inside of me. This creative philosophy feels so natural, so elementary, the kind of artistic approach we had as children, but lost along the way when we learned to value only want we could ‘keep’ or buy. Per desigh?dna’s suggestion, I’m excited to watch the documentary, Rivers and Tides, a film that followed Andy as he creates his magic (and won best documentary at the 2003 San Fran Int’l Film Festival.)


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lights out


View from the Marin Highlands just as the Golden Gate lights were turned off for Earth Hour. (I was kinda hoping the whole city would go dark, but that didn’t happen.)

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ode to the polaroid


Today I ventured over to the lovely alie loves curtis (thanks to Pia) where the theme of the week is Amelie, and where I found m-ilie’s vintagesque polaroids with mysterious messages, quotes or poems scrawled across them with magic marker or white out. L-O-V-E.


These soft and muted beauties are sold in equivoque’s etsy shop.


Polaroid heart found on one of my new favorite blogs, Black Eiffel, which is always full of visual delectables.

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“L’incendie.” I like.

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{aritst} carlos esteves


Pondering the secrets contained within the mysterious works of Carlos Esteves found on dear ada (where does she find this stuff?) I love how Carlos fuses nature, machinery and mysticism within human physiology – such a unique interpretation of the universe contained within. (I’m crazy about how he integrated the phases of the moon into that gown!) My creative juices are flowing after exploring his website.

The paintings above are: Plenilunio (Full Moon), La Relatividad del Espacio (The Relativity of Space.) And below: Mundos paralelos (Parallel worlds) and Gravitación existencial (Existential gravitation.)


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voice for the voiceless


The Tibetan struggle embodies the most peaceful cry for liberation of almost any other political struggle I’ve come to (partly) understand. Right now there’s an opportunity for Tibet. The Olympics are being hosted in China and it’s the perfect opportunity for the world to send a powerful message to China to FREE TIBET. If you’re at all sympathetic to, or interested in learning more about the Tibetan situation, I recently found Tenpa Dugdak’s blog, Voice of Tibet, via my blog-friend Pia’s beautiful and heartfelt post here. (She is also posting updated information and links in the comments section of this post.)

Tenpa writes this about his choice to chronicle the Tibetan struggle on his new blog, Voice of Tibet:

Reading and writing is not a passion for me. So, this blog is a big deal for me and it is fair to say i am doing it for my country, Tibet. I also want this blog to present the issue of Tibet from an individual prespective. The pain and agony of living in exile of all Tibetans outside Tibet. […]

I think the Tibetan struggle for non-violence, peace, compassion and love needs to be recognised – just like many parents in the West encourage their children by reinforcing their positive behaviour. By supporting Tibet, we send a message to our children that non-violence, dialogue, and peace are the most responsible methods to solve international issues. When you discuss war, killing, murder and so forth at the dinner table, think about the message you are sending to your children.

I will not keep quiet whilst ever the Chinese communist government represses Tibetans in their homeland, and denies the most basic of human rights – that is ‘Freedom’.

Bookmark his site if you’re feeling compelled to stay in touch with Tibet’s struggle during this potentially pivotal time. Tenpa will offer a unique and more truthful perspective than main stream media.

Also, my aunt recently forwarded this AVAAZ petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao. Take a quick second to sign the petition and forward the link. I know that petitions seem so trivial in the face of massive struggles, but even the tiniest burst of energy exerted to sign a petition like this contributes toward resolution – not only for Tibet, but all oppressed people everywhere.

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spring poppies



Back after an impromptu spring break!

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{photographer} rodney smith



Thank you to Love Made Visible for cluing me into Rodney Smith whose photos I’ve torn from magazines to save, but never tuned into who took them.

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Brilliant commercial for Schweppes using ultra slow motion cameras capturing at 10,000 frames per second. Found on the lovely Black Eiffel. (The song is “To Build a Home” by the Cinematic Orchestra with Patrick Watson.)

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