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tim walker pictures

My heart tripped when I read on Phantasmaphile that a 352 page book of Tim Walker’s photographs and artwork will be released in June (and if you pre-order the book on Amazon there’s a substantial discount.) Tim’s photographic creativity and vision dazzles me much like the bottomless brilliance of John Galliano. I want know all about him and his creative process!

Now, here it seems is my first challenge. Since this book is (probably) not sustainable, if I intend to purchase it I’ll have to find some way to honor my “sustainable commitment.” Maybe that translates into paying full price at my local mom & pop bookstore rather than ordering from Amazon? Or, maybe it means spending a few hours sitting on a store bench and enjoying the photos without buying the book. Hmm? That’s a buzz kill. I see the book thing is going to be a big challenge. There are few things I enjoy more than book shopping (used book stores never have the titles I want.) I suppose I’ll have to think on this. Maybe I’ll set a self-imposed limit on books per month, or for every one book I buy I’ll commit to reading two unread books on my shelf. At least this will curb the impulse buying. Because, really, this book sounds too incredible to pass up:

This book offers us a privileged glimpse into the artistic process used by top fashion photographer Tim Walker. This comprehensive overview of his work brings us deep inside his glamorous world of adventure. Featuring a wide array of sketches, contacts and Polaroids—we share in source materials normally hidden within the photographer’s studio. The evocative images are rich with textured nuance and intriguing details. Walker gives full rein to his playful side and intersperses collages among the photographs. The over-sized format showcases some of the most imaginative and exuberant art being produced today.” – via teNeues Publishing

TeNeues is also releasing a 2009 Tim Walker calendar with some of his absolute best photos (see here.) I want to tear it apart and frame the whole thing.

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loup charmant

I love everything about Loup Charmant (Charming Wolf), a sustainable line of clothing designed by Kee Edwards. Her designs are timeless, but still fresh and so romantic! Best part, all her pieces are organic, sustainable and fairly made in Brooklyn, NYC.

This recent write-up about Loup Charmant in Inhabitat quotes Kee on some of her inspirations: “I am inspired by the landscape and beautiful old skills and techniques – heirloom garments – travel and the mix of cultures – a relaxed vacation feeling – beaches and oceans – warm sun – budding trees and lush gardens – farm fresh foods – time with oneself and loved ones – it’s a purity and connection to our roots as a people.”

It’s enough to inspire a new philosophy on clothing, isn’t it? Rather than a closet jammed with pieces from Gap and H&M, I may start investing in special, quality pieces. Pieces that are not only sustainable, but inspired from the moment they’re lovingly conceived to the moment production is complete. I’m really trying to find ways to separate myself from some of my addictions, like the socialized need to have a closet *full* of clothing, most of which doesn’t inspire me at all.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend Daniela’s commitment not to buy anything new this year. Even though such a vow is too extreme for me this year, I’m going to commit to buying clothing and products only from businesses that are sustainable (whenever possible.) I’ll share some of my discoveries, purchases and challenges along the way.

*This commitment will definitely include a visit to the fabulous organic and fair made Ekovaruhuset next time I’m in NYC.

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paris chic

For secrets on how to create the look of a Paris flat, check out this beautiful spread photographed and styled by Pia in Australia’s April issue of House Beautiful – soooo lovely! (I’m going to steal the idea of writing poems and quotes all over the glass of my french doors.)

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the night life of trees

They are busy all day, giving shade and support and shelter and food to all. Only when night falls can they find rest for themselves, and then, under quiet dark skies, the spirits that live in them are revealed…

This is for lovers of trees and their mystical aspects! I’ve had it on my shopping list and wasn’t sure if it was worth ordering, but when Julia at Book By It’s Cover gave it her seal of approval (she says it might be her all time favorite!) I ordered it. The gorgeous illustrations were drawn by artists of the Gond tribe of India and are accompanied by myths, lore and poems about trees. Go to Book By It’s Cover to see inside and get all the details.

*I’m in love with the publisher, Tara Books, an independent Indian publisher run by a collective of writers, artists and designers. They have all kinds of uniquely wonderful handcrafted books and a beautiful philosophy about publishing.

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{artist} alina hayes

Today, Etsy’s hand-picked items featured this sweet robin’s egg vessel by Alina Hayes, and then I clicked over to her shop and found this lovely pale blue bottle. Love her fusion of nature and modern design. See her etsy ceramic shop here and her blog here.

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a thousand shark’s teeth


One of this year’s releases that I’m anticipating with curious ears is Shara Worden’s, aka My Brightest Diamond, A Thousand Shark’s Teeth (out June 17.) Listen to her new song “Inside a Boy” here on Yellow Stereo (the Buckley influence really shines through.) Below a nice little bluesy cover of “When Doves Cry” from her recent Paris birthday gig – so cute in black n’ white stripes and that pink birthday hat.

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A kind soul just informed that cherry is malfunctioning today. A bunch of posts are lost in a glitch. My savvy (and sexy) web master is going to update me to the new WordPress this weekend. All should be in working order soon.

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giants live


I’m completely enchanted by the “Appennine Colossus” created by Giambologna (1579) which rises from a lake on the grounds of the Villa Medicea di Pratolin. Different perspectives (in color) can be found here, here and here.

Colossus was found (here) on my latest blog discovery, the lovely La Divan Fumoir Bohemien, a delectable feast for the eyes. Her aesthetic is pretty special. I wish I spoke French, so much is lost in google translation >:(

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earth year, earth life

My friend Daniela just informed me that she and her fiance are not going to BUY (aka consume) anything new except for food and underwear for the next year. She puts my reusable water bottle to shame (ha!) Her pledge reminded me of a fascinating blog I haven’t checked for awhile… These Days in French Life is where Riana (an American food and travel writer living in rural France) shares an experiment she dubs the slow year wherein she does not “shop” (not even for food) for one year. Her recent post, Earth Day everyday, detailing her non-consumptive lifestyle is astounding.

*I found These Days in French Life on the always inspiring Constant State of Flux. As of late, I’m deeply touched by some of the trailblazing women (bloggers) out there who open their lives to us and indirectly challenge/inspire me to embrace my inner radical!

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{photographer} bernard faucon




A meadow in your bedroom. Flowers bursting through the window threatening to overrun the house. Bernard Faucon brings the outdoors in. Found on PISHPOT.

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