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“the sky is falling”

Lovely photo by PORG. Yes, this is my attempt at some humor as we weather an economic & political meltdown here in the states.

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debate perspective

Interesting debate commentary from James Fallows here and here. Worth reading if you’re an Obama supporter.

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jupiter on the beach

I’m captivated by stars and starscapes these days. Photo by Victor von Salza. See larger version on Flickr.

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Photo by Johan Lind, via

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{artist} elisabeth timpone

Each time I come across Elizsabeth Timpone’s line illustrations (first seen on design*sponge) I make a mental note to investigate her inspirations. Her work has a tribal vibe that I just love. Here on Dot Design she talks inspirations, influences (Gorey, Beardsley) and says people compare her style to that of American Indian and Inuit art. Gorgeous!

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this is water, this is water

David Foster Wallace’s death made me so incredibly sad. Today, I finally had the time to read the WSJ piece that’s making the rounds (adapted from his commencement speech at Kenyon in 2005). I’m glad I did. If you haven’t already, you might like to read it too. It’s somber, but poignant.

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baby cones

A little collection.

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the selby

Super cool to see our friends, the Kanais, and all the little details of their beautiful home through the eyes & lens of The Selby! If you’re not already addicted, The Selby is kind of like The Sartorialist for “creative living spaces.”

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mt. shasta

I just returned from a trip to Mt. Shasta. Below some pics I took of cloud formations that were, literally, appearing out of nowhere. It was one of the most spectacular natural phenomena I’ve ever seen! Quite a show.

Mothership (or lenticular cloud) . . .

Here be dragons . . .

Lioness . . .

A swimming giant . . .

Giant mushroom . . .

Me, sitting back and watching the show . . .

My mom walking a labyrinth . . .

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{artist} valerie hammond

How I wish I could see Valerie Hammond’s exhibit Twilight….contes de fées in NYC. Not only do I adore the way she fuses human anatomy and plant life, but I’m intrigued by the materials she uses like wax, glass beads and thread. I’d love the opportunity to press my nose up close to her pieces and examine how it all comes together.

Here, Valerie describes her inspirations for this exhibit:

Where does the work come from?…. traveling in California and strolling through a flea market finding a battered copy of Yeats The Celtic Twilight ….reading, finding an instant connection with my own Irish roots of the melancholy and the magic. Writing journals of my dreams. Driving in the car listening to an interview with Paul Auster as he speaks about ” the subject of loss and how one walks around with ghosts inside of us.” Seeing the shadows and hearing the sound of fluttering wings. A friend gives me drawings of moths that sparkle. Helping a four-year-old look in the mirror. Finding a wisp of hair on a branch, La belle et La Bete. Saying goodbye to a child. Finally, clearing the path to the river from the house. Digging up roots from the wet clay, from the warm river mud, collecting them. Women as dolls, drudges, helpmates and heroines… I begin a story.

*If you’ve never seen Valerie’s work before, here are some of her earlier pieces.

Via design*sponge via jeana sohn.

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