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le ballon rouge (1956)

Thank you so much to Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien for digging La Ballon Rouge out of the archives! Do you remember this short film by Albert Lamorisse? We used to watch this film a couple times a year at my elementary school day care center. (That was back when there were actual film projectors and celluloid film reels.) I will admit that as a little girl I was not the biggest fan of The Red Balloon, mostly because it was not a cartoon and it was made in the pre-historic 50’s. But, watching this again for the first time in two decades I am absolutely smitten! This has got to be THE most charming little film in the universe – the architecture, the old cars, the little Parisian children in their vintage school clothes and the adorable French boy with his pants hiked up to his navel (and shirt tucked in.) If you have some time, sit down with a cup of tea and watch. I promise it will make you smile.

*La Ballon Rouge won the Cannes Palme d’Or for best short film in 1956.

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a green wood

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Blue, blue electric blue. That’s the color of my room.

From Kee (who always finds the best stuff!)

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{etsy} knitalatte

So sweet. From Knitalatte.

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For details, go to sets of paragraphs.

(Photos: Immo Klink)

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river of dirt

I’ve been listening to this gorgeous new song, “River of Dirt,” from the divine Marissa Nadler over and over all weekend. Delicious steel-lap guitar (and think I hear the ghost of Johnny Cash knocking around somewhere in there.) Marissa’s new album, Little Hells, is out 3/3.

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{photographer} tim flach

I just got the most marvelous belated Christmas present from my friend Kate – Equus, a book of horse photographs taken by Tim Flach. The book is beyond. Some of my absolute favorites are the photos taken against a black background (or maybe they are manipulated?) See here for another stunning photo. And here and here (have u ever seen a horse fetus??)

Flach also takes some spectacular photographs of other animals, scroll down for the bats. Love the bats.

(Thanks, Kate! xox)

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the dancer

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the inauguration

Two great inaugural pictorials from the Boston Globe here and here. What a day!

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