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Thanks to Peter (the iPhone application king) I’m addicted to the creme de la creme of iPhone apps. It’s called WorldView and it allows you to search for webcam views from all over the world and log them on your iPhone. Checking this app has become a compulsive habit because I never know what tiny thrills await – a saturated blue & crimson twilight in Rome, or snow blanketing the Prague skyline, or lavender morning mist curling around Mt. Vesuvius. It’s really special, actually. Here are some views I saved over the past few days. If you have an iPhone, try it. It’s free!

twilight in rome

dawn breaks over the grande canal in venice

a snowy morning in salzburg

rain in paris


storm over the matterhorn

the clouds part

good morning prague

good night

alpine stars and a moon…

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chalk board

I’m kinda excited about this chalk board I just made using an old antique frame and these DIY instructions on design*sponge :)

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wood kings

That footprint photo reminded me of this one taken by Peter that I love so much. (We happened upon these king faces carved into an old tree stump in Derrynane National Park.)

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Treehouse workshop

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Loving the rustic, organic look of this crocheted broach by uloni and these handmade glass beads by The Blue Between.

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Photo by Hugo Teixeira as seen here.

*Update: This photo was actually taken by Reinhard Krause from Reuters. Thanks for the clarification Hugo!

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I got a jolt of inspiration this morning from Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk: A different way to think about creative genius, where she speaks about returning to a more ancient understanding of the relationship between humans and the creative mystery. Those who’ve done Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way will be very familiar with her idea that the *creative spark* and the artistic process cannot be controlled by us mere mortals, but rather we open ourselves up as channels through which something mysterious and ineffable flows. Elizabeth has such a wonderful way with words. Highly recommended listening. (Thanks to Margie for sending to me!)

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flickr faves.

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false reporting

Total collapse did not almost happen. I am a little relieved, but not by much!

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cave house

Yes please.

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