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shell art

When done right, shell art is simply gorgeous. I discovered shell artist Blott Ker-Wilson on Design Crisis and fell in love with (some) of her shell rooms and the Cilwendig house, a “shell house” that she refurbished. The hand mirror was made by shell artist Peggy Green.

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This TED talk is absolutely fascinating. Bonnie Bassler, who teaches molecular biology at Princeton, explains how bacteria “talk” to each other and what this discovery means for our increasingly antibiotic-resistant world. (Personally, I wouldn’t touch an antibiotic unless my life was in danger.) Just watch the first 60 seconds. She’ll suck you in!

P.S. Her bit on bioluminescence was especially interesting. I never understood how fireflies and glowing sea creatures create their light.

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small living

Here and here.

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In case you missed it, here’s a first look at Tim Burton’s Alice. (It really is an amazing cast – I love Crispin Glover and Alan Rickman and Christopher Lee and of course Johnny.) Oh, and it’s going to be released in IMAX 3D!

(Photo illustrations by Abelardo Morell)

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Via The Huff.

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road trip

photo 1: here, photo 2: tim walker, photo 3: here

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roll down the window

Photo: FLC

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Kurtli is where I’ll be checking the weather from now on (thanks, lolita!)

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oh romeo

Some visual accompaniment for Ms. Gerrard! (Zeffirelli’s Romeo & Juliet.)

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Last week, Marraine’s put up the gorgeous music video for Lisa Gerrard’s “Sanvean” (which I’d never seen) and it inspired me to pull out some of my old Lisa Gerrard albums and soundtracks. As an encore, here’s an epic live performance of Ms. Gerrard singing “Sacrifice” from The Insider soundtrack. The woman could wring tears from a stone! Although, one youtube commenter writes, it’s only sad if you make it sad…

No. It’s most definitely sad. If this isn’t the sound of bone-deep sadness, I don’t know what is.

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