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honoring the fallen



This fox caught my eye on Ullabenulla, although at first I thought it was sleeping and had been photoshopped into a little nest, but this is actually a ‘found’ fox photographed by Kimbrini who pays homage to the fallen creatures she finds. I kind of like that these little furred and feathered ones have been photographed and remembered forever rather than just left to decay without any sort of ceremony. The fox photo reminded me of this photo of a Johnny Depp and a fawn from Dead Man. Sad. Tender. Beautiful.

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mighty peculiar


Another lovely, offbeat collaborative collage from Gracia & Louise.

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Can’t remember where I found these, but the painting is by Elizabeth Peyton.

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ashley watson



Ashley Watson makes one-of-a-kind handbags etc. made from used leather jackets and purses found at thrift sores. I rarely see repurposed leather goods that I’d actually love to wear. Inspiring. (Thanks to Oh Joy!)

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old south


Very True Blood…..with which I have such a love/hate relationship!

(Photo found on here on the The Architecturalist.)

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war horse




Oh, I had every intention of sharing more pics from our Paris trip and talking a bit about the event (in Paris) for the release of my documentary (the “exciting” news most of you knew about anyway.) Now a month has flown by because I’ve been so distracted (and lazy) this summer! Hopefully, I will get to it soon. In the meantime, I have to share this NYT slideshow and video from the London production of “War Horse.” It’s a play about a boy who enlists in the army to follow a horse he loves. The horses are puppets and they are beyond. It’s coming to the US in 2011…

*Thanks to Hollister Hovey for the discovery.

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