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norwegian cliff flying

I know this has been making the rounds for awhile, but in case you missed it, you really must watch this. Total. Bad. Ass. (Thanks for reminding me about this Sarah!)

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and the wolf jumped over the moon



Here and here.

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bright star





This weekend we went to see Jane Campions’s, Bright Star, about John Keats love affair with his next door neighbor Fanny Brawne. It’s such an exquisite film with its delicious color and textures, the furniture, the teapots, the linen, the butterflies, the flowers, the handmade chapeau….and THE LIGHT. Everything in this film is so lovely and romantic and English! I wanted to jump inside and live there. The story, of course, chronicles a besotted Keats and Brawne and the poetry/letters their love inspired – You have absorb’d me. I have a sensation at the present moment as though I was dissolving. [Sigh] Oh, to live the gentle life.

Here is a review of film, interpreting Campion’s unique approach to the affair, which focuses on Brawne as much if not more than Keats, worth reading if you liked the film. In retrospect, I can see how Campion chose to focus more on the “stuff” of Keats writing, rather than Keats himself.

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More of Peter’s beautiful shots from a long-ago trip to Ireland. (That first photo is where I dream of retiring, the Dingle Peninsula.) Peter is finally grouping all of his Ireland shots here. I can’t get him to print them for me fast enough!

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{artist} bryan ash gill


I’ve been combing through all the inspiraton on Sophia Brueckner’s blog and discovered Bryan Ash Gill. Here is an imprint he made of the growth rings of an old hemlock tree. He imprints the textures and patterns of the wood onto washi paper using a “laborious rubbing technique,” the process of which you can see here. Such an eye-popping image that captures both the simplicity and complexity of wood grain. His prints are sold at Ashes & Milk.

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{artist} valerie hammond



Ever since discovering Valerie Hammond on Design*Sponge last year, I’ve been salivating for more of her artwork. There is such a magical mixture of earth and spirit in her pieces. It’s as if she captures the fingerprints of the Divine on paper and fabric.

Design*Sponge recently posted an interview with Valerie accompanied by plenty of luscious images of her work and inspirations. (According to D*S, Valerie’s next projects are a “photo series related to spirit photography and fairytales” as well as glass sculpture.)

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{artist} sophia brueckner




Lovely swirls of colors in these round gouache paintings by Sophia Brueckner. Love the mixture of zebra and peacock. More of her work here and here.

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the wild things


The Wild Things by Dave Eggers — “based loosely on the storybook by Maurice Sendak and the screenplay cowritten with Spike Jonze.”

How come I’m just hearing about this now? This sounds fantastic (sort of a YA version of Where The Wild Things Are) and the reviews (that I could find) are great. It was just released Oct. 1.

Also, the design for these books are gorgeous. See here for the slip cover version and the furry version (!)

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But “when you look down at the ground, it’s like looking up at the sky,” Desjardin said. “Every little ‘star’ was a little mushroom–it was just fantastic.”

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wild things


Chill-inducing stills from Where The Wild Things Are. At the very least, this film is going to be a visual feast!

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