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dali’s wonderland


Who knew (though it makes sense) that Dali illustrated a version of Alice in Wonderland? I don’t love it, but it’s worth a look see.

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victorian love letters




Thank you to Pia for directing me to (the film) Bright Star’s website! Check out how love letters were folded in 1818 and all sorts of other romantic behind-the-scenes goodies from this gorgeous, gorgeous film.

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{artist} kim sin hy



Gold pigment and korean ink on paper. Details and more on But Does It Float

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Is it weird that I saved this photo of these gorgeous Russian Jewish tombstones from the New York Times and then about an hour later, I sit next to a guy at a cafe reading this book – Carved Memories: Heritage in Stone from the Russian Jewish Pale – about Russian Jewish tombstones. Tell me the odds. This is a synchronicity that, hopefully, means absolutely nothing.

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{photorapher} michael magill






A winter coat of snow makes New York look positively vintage.

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these lights will inspire you

This Alicia Keys chorus is an ear worm that has burrowed deep. Woke up this morning and my brain was all like, “in New Yoooooooork.” Compulsive repeat listening and gorgeous video! Put ya hands in the air…

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the perfect winter hat


Photo: Eugenio Recuenco, Here.

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sebastian’s voodoo

Guess I’m in a spooky, halloween-y mood about two weeks too late. My friend Susan sent me this short film that won best short film at a festival she attended a few weeks ago. Brilliant how such a brief narrative, without any dialogue, can provoke such an intense emotional response. At least from me!

I was reminded of this short film after reading this NYT’s article, Unleashing Life’s Wild Things, sent to me by my friend Kate. Incidentally, it relates to an on-going discussion with Susan (who makes short spooky films for kids) about what qualifies as too scary or mature for children these days. “Children’s horror” or “Spooky Children’s” is an expanding genre (think Neil Gaiman’s Coraline.) I guess you could even include Spooky Children’s Choirs if you count Dead Man’s Bones! The trick for writers/filmmakers who are creating spooky children’s material is determining what kind of spooky is just too spooky. There’s also a huge difference between what’s too spooky for a 4 year versus a 10 year old. Tricky business. Tricky market place. Where The Wild Things Are seems to have brought this discussion to the forefront recently.

*Note that I’m not even sure if Sebastian’s Voodoo qualifies as a spooky children short. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was made for adults. I don’t see kids relishing this short. Unless they are 11 year old boys. Maybe.

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feasting al fresco


These people had fun on Halloween.

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werewolf heart


Organs, hand claps, The Silverlake Conservatory’s Children’s Choir and Ryan Gosling’s lovely, mournful singing voice has me thoroughly enjoying the spooky music of Dead Man’s Bones. Wow. Unexpected. Perfect music for the nightmare before xmas season, and a neat little ying/yang companion album to the rambunctious Karen O and The KidsWhere The Wild Things Are. Stream some songs here. Love!

*Some of these songs are sure to end up on the True Blood soundtrack next season. Virtually guaranteed.

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