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the wooly pocket

The Wooly Pocket vertical garden system is brilliant. It’s a “flexible, breathable, and modular” system made from recycled water bottles. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Here’s a Wooly Pocket wall garden how-to video showing how to hang your woolly pockets on the wall like a piece of art, and because they’re modular, you can make them as large or small as you like. And don’t you just love the name Wooly Pocket?? It’s so cozy and sweet, tucking your little plants into their cozy little pockets all snug and happy. (Discovered and sold at Flora Grubb, a garden shop in S. San Francisco.)

Here’s somebody who lushed-up their tiny backyard by installing a Wooly Pocket garden on their back fence! It’s official, no matter how small your place, there’s no excuse not to have a lush garden.

*The vertical garden DIY wall panels are also absolutely gorgeous too.

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reed boats and islands

Very cool: the floating islands of the Uros. (Photos here and here.)

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Alex Box is clearly one of those stylists/make-up artists who works for The Hunger Games.

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did you know about this?

My jaw dropped when I read this shocking report. More details can be found here (warning: the photos are graphic.) Please share this with others. Twitter it. Blog it. Facebook it. Awareness is the one and only power that we have.

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{etsy} home tweet home

“Round rustic birdhouse, handmade with jute, hemp, pine needles, moss, sticks and other forest finds. They are weather-proof and sturdy.”

How utterly charming are these handmade birdhouses from Bear Paw Rustics?? Just imagine one of these lined with feathers and bits of soft things, all warm and cozy and snugged up tight for the winter! These houses are going to make a few of our winged friends very happy (I snapped up two of them.) Wonder if Bear Paw could make a human size version?

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the river

Mystical, mysterious river magic.

*Not a music video, just scenes filmed on a river from The Anthropologist, a site discovered by Pia.

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lilac wine

Pure gorgeousness… The Cinematic Orchestra covers Jeff Buckley’s Lilac Wine.

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