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curves and light

“Reminiscent of a rock pool.” See larger here. Found here. Unfortunately, no details other than the caption. Adding this to the handmade dream home file.

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the last frontier

British explorers map out ‘never-ending’ cave network underneath Borneo jungle. More pics here. The Mulu Caves Project has been mapping these caves under Borneo’s Gunung Mulu National Park since 1978. Explorers claim the mapping will continue for generations. And they say the Earth isn’t hollow! (When I think about these vast underground cave systems that go on forever, the fantasy lobe of my brain can only think of the Mines of Moria and Gandalf warning Frodo that “there are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world.”)

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the secret of kells

On a whim, we rented the most enchanting little film I’ve seen in a long while – The Secret of Kells – a beautiful story shrouded in Celtic symbolism & myth that revolves around the making of the most magnificent illuminated manuscript in history, The Book of Kells. The film was nominated for an Academy Award last year, and I’d come across rave reviews, but promptly forgot about it.

The animation was simple, but STUNNING with a distinct retro-flavor and you can definitely see/feel the influence of Miyazaki. The story and characters resonated like a gong in my mind long after the last frame (oh, my heart.) Such a beautiful message about the importance of art, the magic of nature and the power of myth. See it!

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handmade home

My dream house – a hobbitesque straw bale home with smooth rounded walls, domed ceilings and no right angles – will also have a staircase like this. From here.

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peter’s kauai eye

It was so cool to watch Peter learning and perfecting his photo-taking using his new camera on our trip to Kauai. He’s really coming into his own as a photographer, freshly motivated by some new photography books and his new gear. I knew that he would make some beautiful pictures, but these far surpassed my expectations in their clarity and detail and beautiful composition! I know I’m prejudiced, but as you can see here, these photos are exquisite. (Click on each image to see it larger.)

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the garden island

A few reasons why Kauai is called The Garden Isle… can’t you just smell the lush, fresh greenness by looking at these pics?

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misty beach magic

More of Hanalei Bay and those magnificent mountains.

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volcanic sunrise

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emerald tide pools

These lava rock tide pools on “Secret Beach” (about a 10 minute hike through the forest) were deep enough to swim laps and surprisingly cool and fresh!

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hanalei bay

We made an escape to Kauai over the past week and a half and it took this trip (our third) to discover the best beach on the planet… Hanalei Bay. This little spot is tucked away on the north coast of Kauai, protected by lush, green mountains capped by perpetual floating mists and overflowing with long trails of white, milky waterfalls. The water is warm. The sky is blooming with rainbows. And the sunsets are portals to other worlds. Of course, these pics don’t even begin to do the enchantment justice!

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