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Speaking of jellies…here are some gorgeous jellyfish we saw at the Monterey Aquarium this week.

The tank was black with tiny bubbles that glowed like stars. The effect made the jellies look like cosmic mushrooms floating in outer space.

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{artist} steffan dam

In love with these glass panels created by Danish artist/designer Steffan Dam who uses layers of blown glass to replicate exquisitely detailed specimens of marine and plant life. See more of his beautiful pieces here here. (Thank you to Lou for the tip!)

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one second of your time

Please sign this petition from the Organic Consumers Association requiring the FDA to label genetically engineered fish:

“The FDA is poised to approve the sale of genetically engineered salmon in U.S. supermarkets – even though scientists warn it could harm human health.

But there’s something even fishier going on. The agency wants to put this salmon on the market without requiring labels that it is genetically engineered. That means you won’t know the difference between a mutant salmon and one that grew up naturally – leaving you in the dark about exactly what it is you’re eating.

Tell the FDA that you demand the right to know what’s in your food! The agency is hiding behind technicalities in the labeling law, when it only has to declare that genetically engineered salmon is ‘materially’ different – and should be labeled as such.

Please tell the FDA that you want genetically engineered food labeled. Consumers have the right to know what they’re buying – and eating!”

HERE is the link and then please pass along.

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