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tree love

Ode to a redwood grove. (Oh, my heart!)
Found on Black Eiffel.

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Can’t remember where I originally found these, but the tree house is in a forest village theme park/tourist trap in Canada. The second photo is how I’d decorate it :)

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{etsy} scavengers and seafarers

“….like a net cast out into the vast oceans, bringing back trinkets from the beyond….. genuine coyote’s canine, a genuine shark’s tooth, an agate arrowhead, wooden beads, glass beads, shells from the coast of Florida, smooth beach stones from Lake Michigan, and beautiful sea glass from the shores of Scotland.”

Ram Collective.

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le printemps (the spring)

Odilon Redon.

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{ellen rogers}


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god save the queen


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the holy mushroom

Watching this will be the most fascinating 6 minutes you’ll spend all week. The first minute is a brief introduction by Paul Stamets discussing his astounding book – Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save The World – a mycological manual for rescuing ecosystems. The next five minutes consists of fantastical high-speed footage of mushrooms and fungi doing their thing.

This video has been blocked :(

This review of Stamet’s book nicely highlights the most salient and mind-blowing ways that mushrooms can reverse environmental damage like: soil contaminated by heavy metals and industrial toxins, filtration for contaminated water, strengthening forest eco-sytems and controlling pest populations. Absolutely astounding!

Just goes to show that Mother Nature has already provided the magical tools needed to heal our world and make things right. Especially, when we consider the biologically healing properties of mushrooms as well as the *sacred* uses of (ergot or psilocybin) mushrooms as a gateway substance to better understanding higher consciousness and the nature of God. It’s no wonder ancient wisdom keepers from both East and West have revered the mighty mushroom for centuries.

P.S. There’s this TED TALK with Paul Stamets, but unfortunately, does not include the spectacular time lapse footage of mushrooms and fungi blooming, exploding, spreading and feeding.)

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mursi from mago

Stunning portraits.

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{etsy} lucy snowe


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i follow rivers

Directed by Tarik Saleh, starring Swedish actor Fares Fares and Lykke Li herself. Filmed on the barren island of Gotland, Närsholmen. Inspired by the film “The Sacrifice” (which now I must see.) Powerful video. (Hat tip: Kate)

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